How to choose an ironing board: we take into account all the criteria and choose the best!

Ironing board is a great helper in everyday life. Using it is much easier to iron the laundry than on the floor or on the table. But to choose the right ironing board, which will simultaneously be comfortable and fit into the interior of the room, is not so easy. In this article we will give some tips that will help you to understand such a difficult matter.

Variety of species

A wide range of ironing equipment is on the market today. Basically they can be divided into the following types.

  1. Built-in ironing board, fixed permanently to the wall at one end. She does not take place in the room, if necessary, it is pushed. Such a board is a great option for a small apartment. Such boards are usually built into the wardrobe or mounted in a special locker. They can become an element of decor, if the outer side of the board is made in the form of a picture.
    Built-in ironing board

    Built-in ironing board is often used in small rooms.

  2. Portable ironing board. This is a small folding device, the main advantage of which is mobility. On such a board you can iron in any room, and then fold it and hide it in a secluded place.
    Portable ironing board

    Portable ironing board

  3. Drawer or chest of drawers with built-in ironing board. In this case, the work surface is located on the dresser and unfolds to the desired size. Such a chest of drawers with a board will very well fit into the decor of the room.
    Chest of drawers with built-in ironing board

    Chest of drawers with built-in ironing board

  4. Embedded in the furniture ironing boards. They are installed inside the furniture walls and cabinets, therefore, significantly save space. On these boards there are rollers, thanks to which they leave the box and come back.
    Board, built in furniture

    Buying a built-in furniture board will save space

  5. Ironing boards with extra features. These possibilities include, for example, a steam generator, or other devices operating from the mains. They help to securely fix things on the board, dry them and steam.Such boards are suitable for synthetic and elastic fabrics.
    Board with a steam generator

    Board with additional function - steam generator

Basic requirements for purchase

Every year there are new models of ironing boards. Manufacturers are constantly improving them, complementing various devices, making it more convenient and mobile.In order not to get lost among such a number of proposals and not incur extra costs, you need to decide in advance on what you need, relying on several properties.

  1. Ease. Ironing boards are used mostly by women, so the device should be light.
  2. Strength. The design should be stable, not shaky and not sagging. It is very important that the lightness of the board is not compensated by its strength.
  3. Compactness. The board should take up little space when folded for easy storage.
  4. Quality. Cover the board should be soft and non-flammable.
  5. Convenience. The board should have a wide work surface on which the ironing process will be quick and easy. It is desirable that the board was provided with a stand for the iron and carrying with a fastener for the outlet.
  6. Mobility.The board must be adjustable in height so that you can set it to your height. Adjustment should be simple, and fastening - reliable.
Ironing board device

Ironing board device

If you like the ironing board that meets all these parameters, and besides has an acceptable price, you can safely buy it. But first you should pay attention to some more features.

Table top

This element of the ironing board is one of the most important. On the surface of the tabletop you will iron the laundry, which is why it is so important that it meets certain criteria.

Countertops are of four types:

  • DSP;
  • grid;
  • solid metal sheet;
  • thermoplastic.
Ironing board

Thermoplastic ironing board

Chipboard boards - the cheapest, and therefore the most affordable. In addition, they are quite easy. But they have a significant drawback: over time, under the influence of steam and moisture plywood deforms, becomes wavy.

The mesh can be different: woven, all-metal with openings for steam and so on.

The boards with the table top from the all-metal sheet are distinguished by their strength and quality. Over time, such a foundation does not sag.But if it has few holes for steam, the cover will quickly deteriorate. It is better if the iron top is covered with wood.

Thermoplastic is a new material, invented relatively recently. It is excellent for making ironing table tops, as it is lightweight, highly durable, reflects heat well and allows steam to pass through. True, such an ironing board is expensive.


There are no standard, average sizes of tabletops. But it is customary to consider the most convenient boards with a width of the surface of 38 cm and a length of about 150 cm.

On sale most often you can see models with parameters:

  • 110 X 30 cm and 120 X 38 cm - classical;
  • 140 x 40 and 148 x 45 cm are modern.

If you choose an ironing board for the size of the table top, then your personal preferences will play a major role. But on a wide work surface, ironing is much more convenient.

Cover material

The board case must also be chosen wisely. It is not only a reliable coating, but also a colorful accessory that can revive the interior. In addition, the case wears out quickly, and over time it may need to be replaced.

Ironing Covers

A cover with a picture can decorate your interior

When choosing a case, pay attention to the following:

  1. Material. For inexpensive models of ironing boards, cotton covers are most often used. Expensive models are equipped with a coating of heat-resistant, waterproof and non-stick fabrics.
  2. Softness. The cover must have a double lining, this will facilitate ironing.
  3. Convenience. Many manufacturers make removable covers, which is very convenient for replacing them. Such a cover should be securely mounted on the surface and not fidgeting around the board.
  4. Additional functions. In modern models often use special inclusions on the surface of the cover, which clean the iron, or metal inserts, providing the effect of double-sided ironing.

Note! Removable cover is much more convenient than fixed - it is easy to replace if damaged. When choosing such a cover, stop on the one that is mounted on the ropes, and not on the elastic bands. The first, unlike the second, will not stretch over time.

Height and stability

These parameters are also very important, the convenience of the workflow depends on them.

Legs - an element of construction that provides stability.It is better if they are a little wide at the edges of the board. This will lead to a small loss of compactness, but significantly increase durability. Legs should be made of light material, for example, aluminum. It depends on this, how much the design will be light and compact when carrying. In order not to damage the floor, the legs must be equipped with tips made of plastic or rubber.

Ironing on the ironing board

On how the ironing board will be installed, will depend on the convenience of work

The legs are attached to the board with:

  • welding;
  • bolts;
  • rivets.

Please note: rivets are the most unreliable mounting option, because over time they can loosen. The best and more convenient way is bolts.

Among the ways of fixing the height emit smooth and stepped. With a smooth fix, you will have more opportunities to pick the right height, but such a board will quickly loosen. It is better to choose the option of step fixation. She assumes 3 established levels, but devices will serve much longer.

These criteria will help you choose a reliable and safe ironing board.

Optional accessories

Modern models of ironing boards can have a lot of additional accessories.Someone decides that this is an excess, but most housewives are happy with such innovations, as they greatly facilitate the process of ironing.

Consider the most common and useful additions to the board.

  1. Retractable or fixed stand for iron. It can be conveniently placed iron. That he was at hand at the same time and did not take up much space. Typically, the stand is a side support of the structure.
  2. Ironing board sleeves. If you often have to iron shirts, this element is a must. It is better if this plank is removable, not stationary: this way it will not occupy space on the working surface and will be used only when necessary.
  3. Stand, fixing the cord from the iron. This accessory will restrict the movement of the cord so that it does not hang down during ironing.
  4. Socket with extension cord. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to install a board near the wall outlet, and it is inconvenient to use the carry. Such an accessory will cope with this problem well.
  5. Shelves for linen will help you immediately put the ironed things, without departing from the board. The absence of such an element will not cause discomfort, but if the shelf is available, you will quickly cope with the work without being distracted.
  6. Bracket with clothes hangers.Appointment same, as at a shelf for linen. The accessory is on the side of the board, you can post the planes on it immediately after ironing. The absence is also not critical, but the presence will create additional convenience.
Ironing board with accessories

Ironing board with accessories

It is very important not to overdo it when choosing additional devices on the ironing board. Otherwise, the design will become bulky, bulky and non-compact, which will affect the usability. In addition, if you have a small room, this board will take up too much space.

Video: all about choosing and using an ironing board

These criteria will help you choose the most appropriate ironing board. Also do not forget that the size of your home is important. Share with us in the comments your experience of choosing an ironing board. We hope our advice will help you make an error-free choice.

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