How to choose perfume

Frequently asked questions and answers

What kind of perfume do men like in a woman?

Representatives of the stronger sex also have the right to difference in tastes, so a definite answer will not work. However, it has been observed that men prefer simpler and fresher aromas. Thick heavy or bright sharp tones are perceived with approval only if they perfectly match the character and temperament of the lady's heart.

The best women's perfume, in the opinion of men, is the one that his favorite “wears”.

What perfume is the most persistent?

The longest time to keep perfumes containing 20-30% of aromatic substances. A few drops are enough to keep the aroma for a day or more.

What are the most fashionable perfumes?

In the trend, the smell of leather, tobacco, tar, absinthe, mint freshness, wood sweetness, heavy incense and sandalwood, powdery almonds and peppermint. But do not forget that fashion does not always correspond to your type, therefore, it is strongly recommended not to follow it blindly.

How to choose a perfume as a gift?

Better to know about the tastes of women in advance.It can be very difficult to suit the scent, given that choosing a perfume itself is not so easy. If you need a surprise, we advise you to pay attention to the eternal and always current classics: the cult and amazingly feminine Chanel No. 5, the exciting oriental Shalimar, the romantic and confident L’Air du Temps, the intense and sexy Youth Dew, the spicy and mysterious Opium.

What perfumes have pheromones?

Look for androstenone, musk, amber, myrrh, patchouli, cumin, farnesol. Scientists have not yet isolated human pheromones, so you have to do with animal and plant compounds.

In truth, the effect of such perfumes is very doubtful, so that the sellers in the sex shops do not tell them, but you can try.

How to choose a girl perfume?

Young girls should not be overwhelmed with rich and heavy aromas. Freshness, youth, energy - your trump card, the same should be the spirits.

How to choose a real perfume?

Avoid fakes will allow such tricks:

  • ideally equal seam on cellophane packing;
  • stamped sticker on top or bottom on cellophane;
  • barcode of the country of the manufacturer and no spills;
  • the presence of a transparent sticker indicating the batch serial number and the same number on the carton;
  • cardboard or plastic inner frame holding the bottle firmly;
  • mention of the date of manufacture, composition, shelf life;
  • high cost even during stocks.

Where to put perfume?

Spirits are used after taking a shower. The best places to apply are the temples, the elbows, the ears, and the wrist area. And just a few drops, not half a bottle!

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