How to choose the hair color correctly, depending on the type of appearance

how to choose hair colorAll women are adventurous by nature. The desire to radically change the appearance is peculiar to each of us. But not every young lady knows how to choose the right hair color. Such ignorance often threatens us with disappointment. It’s good if you choose the right color for your hair dye. Luck is a good thing, but not at all permanent.

Selection of colors is not an easy task, but they can be mastered perfectly. And, having once learned your color type, you will forget about the agony of choice for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is not superfluous to be information about how to choose hair color.

Skin color features

Our hairstyle should be combined with skin and eyes. Only then can we talk about the perfect image. Otherwise, improper paint can negate all efforts.

The hue of our skin depends on two dyes - hemoglobin (to a large extent) and carotene (to a lesser extent). If its tone is slightly bluish (in other words, cold), hemoglobin is to blame.In the case when the skin of a woman has a yellowish (warm) shade, we can talk about the effect of carotene.

There are two more important pigments that determine the saturation of the hair and skin color. These are melanin (dark, black-brown pigment) and omelanin (yellow-red pigment).

Let's talk about color types

If you still do not know how to choose the right hair color, it does not matter. First you need to decide on your color type.

how to choose the right hair colorOf course, the color shades are no less than women on the planet. But, nevertheless, stylists divide them into 4 categories, named by analogy with the seasons. However, in order to decide how to choose the appropriate hair color, you will only need to know: to the warm (autumn-spring) or cold (winter-summer) type you feel.

Warm type of girls

This clearly applies to you if:

  • Your skin has a peach color or golden shades.
  • You are called green-eyed. However, the eyes of amber or tea color also belong to this type.
  • By nature you have chestnuthow to choose a suitable hair colorcopper hairs.

Ladies who belong to the class “autumn-spring” should choose shades appropriate for the period.For example, bronze or gold. And remember: hair color should be darker than skin. But it is better to refuse black with blue.

Cold type

You can safely assume that it is to him if you have:

  • Since childhood pinkish or white skin.
  • Blue or brown eyes.
  • Hair can have any shade, but not red.

The summer-winter color type dictates its own laws. So young ladies should avoid red or gold shades. But they are great ash and blond.

Determine your type

These are general rules for everyone, but often in life one has to observe various combinations: for example, blue eyes and red hair. How to be in this case? How to choose a new hair color?

In any case, experimenting in the hope of "maybe" is not worth it. It is better to study yourself more closely. For this there are many methods. Quite fascinating, by the way, so you will not be bored.

Our skin and hair shade

We already understood that these 2 colors should be in harmony with each other. Then carefully look at the skin and determine the color of the curls:

  • Pink shade says that you need to be careful with a golden blond.However, platinum blonde can not be too. So you only emphasize the tendency to redness. Do not dye your hair in reddish shades. It is best to choose the whole range of ashen color. It perfectly neutralizes the pink tone.
  • Skin of a yellowish shade does not accept golden tones. It does not suit her orange and yellow. But dark chestnut or rich red - this is just what you need.
  • Dark skin color will be in perfect harmony with bright, deep shades. The muted tones can make the image dull and expressionless.
  • Pale skin requires more attention. Here we must rely not only on the skin, but also use other methods.choose hair colorFor very pale skin is not recommended to choose dark colors, especially black. It visually ages women.

The eyes are not only the mirror of the soul

Yes Yes exactly. They are also an indicator of what type of women you are. It is the eye color that will help you determine the tone of paint.

  • Green and brown eyes are perfectly combined with auburn, golden, red curls.
  • But the shades of gray and blue are perfect for cold shades: ashy blond, light golden.

We study wardrobe

Do you know how sophisticated women of fashion choose their hair color? The doors of the wardrobes are plowed open and they look: what tones of clothing prevail in their wardrobe. It will be directly connected with the shade of your curls.

  • Do you look great when you put on dresses and blouses of olive green, orange, red? This means that you are of a warm type, so feel free to choose a golden chestnut or blond of the same shade. Just do not lose. Auburn color will suit you as well.
  • In your closet is dominated by black clothes, blue tint? And also a lot of fuchsia and dark pine things? The answer is transparent. You, like anyone else, fit shades of platinum, ashy blond or chestnut. Feel free to choose resin black or burgundy.
  • Or maybe you prefer things mysterious turquoise or gentle lavender? Your favorite outfits are full of lilac, red, dark gray shades?how to choose a dark hair colorThen you are a neutral type - and the paint should be selected appropriate: sandy or beige blond, mahogany, chestnut with chocolate shades.

What will the jewelry box tell?

There is another way that gives the answer, how to choose a hair color. Take out the jewelry that you wear most often, and see:

  • The predominance of silver indicates that you are a lady of the cold type.
  • If you have more gold, it means that warm tones will suit you.

There is also a simpler solution: stock up with silver and gold foil. Alternately bring 2 strips to face. With a cold type, silver is best. With warm gold.

Darkie and their color type

Most often, this skin is found in southerners. Dark-skinned women also need to know what type they are.

There is a good way to determine your skin tone. Take a closer look at the veins.

  • If they are blue, then your type is cold.
  • If the veins are greenish, you are warm.

It so happens that you can not see the veins. Some young ladies start to get nervous, because they do not know how to choose a hair color. Photos will help you with this. You need to take a picture on the street on a bright day. About any make-up, of course, there can be no question. At home, in a graphic editor, you can check your color - warm or cold.

How to choose a hair color for swarthy girls?

When you decide on your type, everything will become extremely to choose a new hair color

Those who belong to the type of "autumn-spring" should pay attention to the chocolate color. It will make you look youthful, even if you are well over 40. Black lovers should know: it is better to give up the shade of a raven wing, and give preference to coal pigment.

Dark-skinned girls with cold appearance problems less. They fit a fairly wide range of colors. If desired, they can even turn into a blonde. The main thing - to abandon the Nordic blonde. But you can choose a light brown with a blue or silver tint, light chestnut. It will look good and light chocolate and black. True, stylists argue that it is better not to resort to total staining, but to choose highlighting. But this is up to you.

How to choose red hair?

For centuries, this color was considered one of the most extravagant. Actually, this is not surprising. After all, red is usually chosen by natures of impudent, disliked conventions and living by their own rules.

There is a huge variety of shades of this color, which is very difficult for an uninitiated person to understand.But you are now armed with the appropriate knowledge. So, how to choose a hair color if you want to become a redhead?

Rate your natural tone.

  • Blondes are perfect for a light chestnut, honey, shade of cinnamon.
  • Brunettes should choose mahogany or ripe plum.
  • Fair-haired will look great with bright red or copper-red hair.

You should not lose sight of your color type:

  • Owners of light skin stylists are advised to give preference to honey or golden shades of red.
  • Dark-skinned and dark-skinned can safely choose a golden chestnut. But it is better to refuse red with a hint of copper and bright colors.

I want to be blonde!

Then why not be her? The main thing - do not forget about your color type. For warm skin tones, choose gold blond, for cold ones - ashy. If the skin color is neutral, you can rejoice: you can use almost any tone from this palette.

However, it is worth remembering: blond - quite an expensive color. It is necessary to care for such hair more carefully: watch the roots, tint to avoid rusty hair tint, because the paint is quickly washed out.

Choose black color

how to choose a hair color photoWe are all different.Someone constantly brightens the hair to get rid of the annoying dark color (and most of them). And someone, on the contrary, all his life dreams of becoming a burning brunette. Especially harmoniously black shades will look if you have olive or dark skin.

But do not forget: the black color is the most complex. It is very difficult to get rid of it. Return to natural will be almost impossible without damaging the hair.

The practicality and beauty of chestnut

Chestnut color - one of the most versatile. It adds brightness and depth to the hair of nondescript shades. In addition, chestnut requires a minimum of care. And the paint, in a wide assortment located on the shelves of stores, is elementary in use. And still chestnut shades are recommended to choose those who have damaged hair. This color reflects light well, therefore it prevents dryness and fragility of curls.

As you can see, color matching is a whole science. But, having mastered it once, you will easily navigate in the vast sea of ​​all tones and shades.

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How to choose the hair color correctly, depending on the type of appearance 17

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