How to choose tights

how to choose tights

A modern woman cannot do without many things, and one of them istights. Most women are often faithful to one manufacturer of tights, but sometimes make an exception, choosing for themselves something new.

In order tochoose the right tightsThere are some simple tips:

- Choose the right size and size of tights.

Although tights and make of "volatile" material, but choose them still should be based on its size. Overly stretched tights will quickly lose their appearance, and may even break from the slightest clue. If the size is too large, then the tights will sit loose and can easily crumple or twist. Choosing tights, you should also pay attention to the density of the fabric. The denser it is, the tights will be thicker.

- Communication quality and appearance.

The color of the tights is very important, so it is worth buying only those tights that will not change it during the process of wearing or after washing. Due to the great competition, it is now rarely possible to meet low-quality tights, but if there are doubts about the quality, then it is better not to take the goods.The pattern on the pantyhose is obtained using a complex weaving mechanism, and thanks to the rich imagination of the designers, the choice of patterns is very diverse. However, choosing a pattern, you should avoid protruding loops and knots, which are the main indicators of poor-quality weaving.

- Inspect heel and toe material.

In good tights, the fabric of the heel and toe is slightly denser than on other parts of the tights. The seams should be flat and on the seamy side.

- Belt and gusset is important.

Good tights should have a wide belt capable of holding them securely on the body, as well as a cropped gusset so that the tights fit well on the hips. This rule is especially important for obese women, it is better not to buy pantyhose without crotch.

It should be noted that most stores buy only the best-selling goods to the detriment of its assortment. However, in online stores you can find and order tights for every taste.

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