How to comb your hair correctly - the recommendations of professionals, methods and features

The procedure of hair care includes combing. It activates metabolic processes, fills curls with oxygen, eliminates excess dust. All this has a positive effect on the appearance of the strands. Therefore, it is important to know what devices to use, as well as how to comb your hair. We will tell about this in the article.

What you need to know about combing?

Most women comb their hair when you need to perform styling or for disentangling. This is only one advantage of this procedure. Trichologists believe that hair growth and health of the scalp depend on the frequency of combing:

how to comb hair properly

  1. Unraveling allows you to give your hair an attractive look. Careful combing protects them from wringing. Conventional movements remove dust and dirt from the hairs.
  2. Sebum is formed on the scalp. Because of this, many often wash their hair. But this substance is considered to be a natural protector of the strands, and a hairbrush helps to distribute it.
  3. If the comb is chosen correctly, this will allow you to perform a massage that improves blood circulation.

Why do I need to comb?

Although the procedure is quite simple, it improves the health of the scalp and the condition of the hair. Why does it cause pain? It is connected:

  1. With vasospasm.
  2. Seborrhea.
  3. Vegetative dystonia.
  4. Stress.
  5. Increased sensitivity of the scalp.

how to comb hair after washing

To avoid these unpleasant factors, you must regularly comb your hair. And this should be done correctly, so as not to harm them.

Proper combing

How to comb your hair? This should be done 2-3 times a day. For shine and elasticity, it is advisable to perform the procedure in fresh air. How to comb hair in order not to damage it? You need to start with the tips, gradually moving up and unraveling the nodules. This will prevent injury.

How to comb long hair, if they are brittle and dry? It is necessary to perform the procedure carefully, starting with the tips. A day will be enough about 4 times. Mixed and greasy strands should be combed less often.For a normal type, 2 times will be enough - in the morning and in the evening.

Wet hair

How to comb hair after washing? Wet curls are weakened, so they can be damaged. Therefore, you should wait for drying, and then gently comb. You need to start from the tips, moving to the upper hair. This is the answer to the question of how to comb wet hair.

how to comb long hair

These tips will not help damage the curls. How to comb hair of medium length? You should sit on a flat surface, hang your head down, and you can proceed to the procedure. You need to start from the neck to the ends, moving to the sides and frontal part. This helps to improve blood flow to the scalp, thereby strengthening the hair follicles.

Matted hair

Long curls are usually confused, which makes it difficult to comb. The head should be lowered down, collect strands in hand, squeeze them in the middle. First you need to comb the strands from the tips to the middle using a comb with rare teeth. Then you should use a massage brush and perform a secondary procedure.

Then the hair must be released, and you can move to the roots, carefully combing them.How to comb curly hair? This should be done carefully, starting from the tips. In this case, the curls should be held in order not to damage. For curly strands suitable brush with rare teeth.


How to comb extensions? It should be remembered that they may fall out or be damaged, lose their luster. Care of them includes the correct combing. To do this, use brushes with soft teeth or villi. When combing the curls should be kept with the hand at the roots, and also not to make any sudden movements.

how to comb wet hair

Types of Combs

Adaptations are:

  1. Bilateral. On one side of the instrument is natural bristle, and on the other - plastic, metal or wood. Natural pile is needed for styling and modeling of wet curls, artificial - for everyday brushing.
  2. Massage The device can be oval or square with vertically located teeth. Brush accelerates blood flow, it can perform a head massage. Hair becomes obedient.
  3. Classic. Brushes are created from natural bristles with artificial inserts,which are wooden, plastic, silicone. The comb can be used for wet curls.
  4. Universal round. This device is suitable for curly locks. It pulls hair, straightens it. The tool is created from natural lint with plastic parts.
  5. Brashing This is a round comb. It is used to produce curls of different diameters.

The difference in material

Combs on the material can be:

how to comb curly hair

  1. Metallic. They are durable, easy to use. They should not be used for dyed and wet strands.
  2. Wood. The product is made of birch, oak, juniper. All items are natural, so the comb is suitable for the care of any hair.
  3. Plastic. Such devices should not be used regularly, as they create a static effect.
  4. Turtle shell. This is an expensive comb, it does not harm the hair.
  5. With bristles. Tools are divided into soft, hard, natural and nylon.

Each of these devices is used for combing hair. It is only necessary to correctly perform this procedure.


You should know not only how to comb your hair, but also how to choose a device. It is advisable to purchase tools in professional stores.If the hair is thick, then a massage brush with a pile of different lengths is required. And for curls of medium length need a flat comb with sparse teeth and a massage brush.

how to comb hair extensions

If the hair is brittle, dull, you should choose a soft comb with elastic teeth. They can be natural and artificial. Brushes improve blood supply, with them curls become healthy and shiny.

Turtle shell crests and wooden combs are used for fatty strands. If the hair is curly and frizzy, then you need to use combs with rare teeth. For long curls, it is preferable to choose a massage brush with natural bristles.

Brush care

To comb was a useful procedure, should properly care for the brush:

  1. It is necessary to use an individual device. Give it to anyone can not.
  2. Brushes and combs must be kept clean. It is best to wash after each use. This is done with an unnecessary toothbrush or shaving brush. Then it turns out to eliminate all the pollution. After that the tool is rinsed and wiped.
  3. New comb should be disinfected with a solution of chloramine, before using. Substances in the amount of 5 g dissolved in water (1 liter).The brush is treated in a solution for 15 minutes, and then rinsed and dried.
  4. Metal combs are sterilized with alcohol.
  5. Over time, the bristles lose stiffness. It is necessary to hold the brush in a weak solution of alum to update it.

Scratching rules

To properly perform the procedure, you need to consider simple rules:

  1. It should be combed 3 times a day: in the morning, afternoon and evening. But this is not a limitation: in ancient times, girls did it 10 times during the day. With each procedure, smoothing movements were performed with a comb. Such manipulations have a positive effect on health: it improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of subcutaneous fat, and distributes it along the curls.
  2. Do not comb wet and wet hair. First they must dry naturally.
  3. It is advisable to tilt your head in front of this manipulation. This allows you to increase the rush of blood to the skin. But in such a situation it is not worth lingering for long for those who have problems with pressure.
  4. It is preferable to perform combing from the back of the head, smoothly, in different directions. If everything is done correctly, after 3 minutes there is a warmth.This is due to the fact that the blood circulation has become enhanced.
  5. With combing, it is necessary to alternate movements with a comb or brush and stroking with a hand. Such manipulations will help make hair stronger and more elastic.
  6. There should be no sudden movements, the procedure should be carried out smoothly and gently.

how to comb your hair tips

These are the basic rules that will preserve the appearance and structure of the hair. Enough to carry them out and use the appropriate devices to the appearance of curls testify to their grooming.

Thus, the procedure of combing is important in hair care. Perform it properly and regularly. Then the curls will not be confused, besides, they will be beautiful and healthy.

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