How to connect a Beeline modem?

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How to connect a Beeline modem?

Buying a USB-modem from the company Beeline, the ownergets a wonderful opportunity to go online anywhere and anytime with simple actions. It is only necessary to connect it via USB-connector, as soon as a new generation 3G network appears.

With this modem it is possible in a comfortable modeVisit social networks, check e-mail, watch videos, listen to music. A SIM-card with one of the selected tariff plans, an understandable instruction, an extension cable is included in the package. To understand how to connect a Beeline modem, everyone can independently, it is necessary only to show attentiveness and patience.

Step 1: Connect the modem to the computer

The first step is to connect the modem toComputer, using one of the USB-connectors, which are sure to have it. Before this action, be sure to insert the SIM card into the device. For connection, you can use an extension cable that comes with the modem.

Step 2: Install the program

If the modem is correctly connected to the computer throughUSB-port, the installation of the program to ensure the correct operation of the device will start automatically. Sometimes the installation must be done manually. There is nothing complicated in this, you just need to do the following:

  1. Go to the "Start" menu, select "My Computer" or double-click the corresponding icon on the desktop.
  2. In the window that appears, select the "Beeline" disk and open the folder. It will display several files.
  3. To install the application, use the AutoRun.exe file.
  4. In the window that opens, there are hints that need to be followed without disconnecting the device from the computer.

Installing the program does not take long. After a couple of minutes, you will be able to connect the Internet, and on the desktop there will be a shortcut to launch the program.

Step 3: Connect to the Internet

Now you just need to click on the program shortcutfor the modem two times with the left mouse button and click on the button "Connect". The Internet will connect in a couple of seconds, and you can open the browser. To disconnect the network after use, click on the "Disconnect" icon.

Activate balance

After setting up the Beeline modem, beforeTo use the Internet, you will most likely need to activate the start balance. To do this, click on the shortcut of the program - a connection window with a standard profile will appear. At the top there is a tab "Account management", which you need to use. To the left appears the inscription "Activation of the starting balance", on which you need to click and use the "Activate" button. Now nothing will interfere with the comfortable use of the Internet.

Manual setting of the Internet

If you can not connect to the Internet,skills to manually configure the modem. To do this, visit the "Settings" section. In the "Modem Information" tab, find the access settings and, selecting one of the profiles, click "Edit". You can also create a new profile, specify the correct data about the device, save it and use it when connecting the Internet. Now, when you turn on the modem, the network will be configured according to the selected profile.

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