How to connect PS4?

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How to connect PS4?

The prefix Playstation 4 has long won the market. Now more and more gamers choose this console, however many of them have difficulty connecting this console. In this regard, we consider how you can connect the PS4 to a computer, TV, and how to bring the Playstation 4 to the Internet.

Connecting a Playstation 4 to a monitor

For this, just two elementary and cheap components are enough: two adapters - video and audio.

  1. In order to connect the Playstation 4 to the video input of the monitor, use a hdmi-adapter. Connect the usb cable to the adapter and plug it into the video input of the monitor.
  2. After that, perform a reset. To do this, you will need to press the power button on the console until the console plays two beeps.
  3. Now you just have to connect the white and red wires of the so-called tulip. You can remove yellow, as it is responsible for transmitting the video signal. By connecting the two wires to a special adapter av-jack, you can lead the wire to the speakers.Thus, you can connect the Playstation 4 to a computer or laptop.

Also do not forget to translate the mode of the console, in the sound settings menu, to the audio input, which is designated as two wires from a combination of tulips. If you are interested in the details of connecting the console to a computer, then we recommend that you read the article How to connect a PS3 to a computer.

Connecting a Playstation 4 to a TV

In order to connect the playstation 4 to the TV, you just need to connect the hdmi-wire to the corresponding inputs on the TV and set-top box. Next, just turn on the console and go to AV mode on the TV. The prefix will begin to broadcast the image automatically.

Connecting Playstation 4 to the Internet

  1. To connect the set-top box to the network, you need to connect a network cable to the corresponding socket.
  2. After that, go to the console settings menu and go to the network settings option.
  3. Click "Set Up Internet Connection."
  4. Next, select "Use network cable".
  5. Select "Simple connection type" - thanks to this, the prefix itself will determine the network settings.

To learn more about how to connect to the Internet, read the article How to connect the PS3 to the Internet.

You can also use a wireless connection.To do this, in the network settings, select "Configure Internet connection". If you are using a wireless connection, select your network and click the cross. Please note that a wired connection provides greater stability in the work in the console. This is especially true when the user downloads games, the download time of which can last for several hours.

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