How to connect WiFi on a laptop: step by step instructions

This article will describe step by step how to connect WiFi on a laptop. This wireless method of data transmission is becoming increasingly popular. It is not difficult to set up such a local network. In addition to laptops and computers, a smartphone, tablet or TV can also be connected to it.

how to connect wifi on laptop

We select a place for the router

At this stage in the process of how to connect WiFi on a laptop, most users are not focused. But this is wrong. A lot depends on the rational location of the router. For example, the signal strength of the network. First you need to decide on which of the devices will be connected using a twisted pair, and which one - using a wireless interface. The recommendations here are as follows: stationary devices (TV or personal computer) are connected to the network using wires. But portable gadgets (smartphone, tablet or laptop) use a wireless connection.Now we need to find a place in relative proximity to stationary consumers, but at the same time we don’t forget about the access of mobile devices. The second important condition is the presence of a 220V socket. She should be nearby too. In extreme cases, you can use an extension cord, but then you need to lay wires so that they do not interfere with movement around the apartment.

how to connect wifi via laptop


At the next stage of how to connect WiFi on a laptop, we perform switching. First you need to install an antenna. She is screwed to the router. Then we install the round connector from the power supply unit into the corresponding socket on the back of the router, and connect it to the outlet. The input wire from the provider is installed in the yellow RJ-45 socket. All other wired devices are connected there to the blue ports, in random order. The main thing is not to confuse the incoming twisted pair with the wire going to another device. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but in the future it will be necessary to look for the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it. To avoid this, re-check the connection.

connect wifi router to laptop

Configure the router

Next, you need to programmatically configure the router.To do this, turn on the "Power" button (usually it is located on the back of the router). Then you need to turn on a personal computer or laptop (this device must be connected to the local network using wires), wait until it is downloaded. Then we launch any of the browsers that is on the computer. In the address bar, enter the address of the router, type "Enter". The most commonly used options are or This information can be clarified on a label that is located on the body of the router. At the next stage, a request should appear in which you need to specify a username and password. This information can also be clarified on a sticker from the body of the router or in the user manual. Enter them, press "Enter" (do not forget that you need to use only the English keyboard layout). Then go to the tab with the settings of the wireless connection. Here we indicate the name of the future network, the password to exclude the possibility of unauthorized connection. We also choose the encryption method, for example, WPA2 (it provides the maximum degree of protection for your wireless network).Next you need to save the settings and restart the router.

connect laptop to wifi tv

We connect the laptop

In the next step, you need to connect the WiFi router to the laptop. The algorithm in this case is:

  • Check the presence of installed drivers on the wireless module WiFi. To do this, call the context menu on the label "My Computer". Select the item "Properties", in the opened window go to the tab "Device Manager". In it we open the section "Network devices". There should not be devices marked with triangles with an exclamation point. Otherwise, we take and install the driver on the wireless adapter. They are on the disc that comes with it in the kit.
  • Then go to the address "Start / Control Panel". In it we find the "Network Management Center" and select the item "Create a new connection."
  • Following the instructions of the wizard, set up a new connection, save it. In the configuration process, it specifies the name of the network that was previously entered into the router, the password for access. Save the changes.

hp laptop how to connect wifi

We connect stationary personal computer

When you connect a stationary personal computer, you can use the connection method using a twisted pair or using a wireless adapter.In the first case, the connection is usually set up automatically and the user does not need to make any changes. In the second case, the setup procedure is the same as connecting WiFi via a laptop. A detailed description of it is given in the previous paragraph, so we will not repeat.

Other features

A local network allows you to control one of the network elements to another. For example, a laptop or personal computer through a router can display a movie or a photo on TV. To do this, do not even need to install additional software. Now let's figure out how to connect a laptop to the TV. WiFi router must be turned on. In a similar condition should be a TV and laptop or computer. A film or photo must be preloaded onto a computer storage device. Then run the standard program "Windows Media Player." In it, open the menu item "Stream", select "Automatically allow playback of media files." Next, in the section "Video" we put our video or in the "Images" photo. Call the context menu on the file icon, select the Play option.In the drop-down list you need to click on the model of our TV. After that, our file will automatically play. You can also connect your smartphone to a laptop. WiFi and it allows you to do without problems. Most often, this is resorted to in cases where an urgent need to go on the Internet, and there is no router nearby, as well as a 3G modem. It is the last device that can replace a smartphone running such a popular operating system like “Android”. To create such a wireless network, you need to perform the following manipulations:

  • On the smartphone, activate the data transfer mode using the top drop-down menu and pressing the corresponding button.
  • We are waiting for the information message that the connection was successful.
  • Go to the settings of the smartphone and select the item "Networks". Then you need to select "Modem Mode". In it, select the “Modem Mode” checkbox and in the next sub-item set the network security parameters (name of the wireless computer network and password to protect against unauthorized access).
  • Then, already on the included laptop, we search for available networks. In the list that appears, select the one whose name was specified in the previous step.In response, enter the password for access.

That's all, a mobile router using a smartphone is implemented.

Connection testing

At the final stage it is necessary to check the performance of the computer network. To do this, you need a computing device from any manufacturer, for example, an HP laptop. How to connect WiFi, already figured out earlier. Now, after performing this operation, we launch any of the installed browsers, enter in its address line, for example, “”, press “Enter”. If everything is done correctly, the start page of this search service will open. Otherwise, we start to check everything and look for an error.

connect smartphone to laptop wifi


This article describes step by step how to connect WiFi on a laptop. Using the above recommendations, you can easily organize a home local information network. And you can connect to it not only the "standard" laptop or stationary personal computer, but also a smartphone, tablet or modern TV. In general, there is nothing super-complicated about this, so we take and do.

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