How to cut a bang?

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How to cut a bang?

One of the most important details of your appearance is bangs. Creating a bang or on the contrary, removing it, it is easy to completely change the face of a person beyond recognition. And no matter what kind of haircut you prefer to do, anyway, the question of how to cut the fringe, sooner or later will arise before you. Some people even mistakenly believe that they do not bang. This is wrong, experts believe that there are no such people, they just did not find "their" bangs. And our today's article is devoted to how to properly cut the bangs, and what is important, how to cut the bangs on your own!

Before you cut the bangs

First you need to figure out what kind of bangs exist. And a lot of them! And they are characterized in different ways: long, short; rare or thick; straight or oblique, one- or two-tier, torn bangs ... There is an indescribable set of edging bangs, it will take a lot of time to list them.

How to choose the "right" bang

Before you cut the bang itself, you need to choose the right one for you.After all, no one wants to look inharmonious or even funny, is not it? Of course, we strive to direct all actions with our appearance only to its improvement. So, in order to avoid unpleasant moments with the compatibility of you and bangs, it is necessary to determine the width and thickness of the bangs.

As a rule, the width of the bangs is limited by the width of your forehead. More precisely, its left and right frontal protuberances. Bangs in no case should not go beyond the temporal hollows (unless, if your extraordinary haircut does not require it). The amount of hair that directly regulates the thickness of the bangs is chosen in a certain way. To do this, you need to separate the hair intended for bangs, triangular, straight or U-shaped parting. Of course, the thickness (density of growth) of the hair directly affects the thickness of the bangs. It does not matter if the hair is “liquid” - you can create a denser fringe by moving the selected parting a little higher on the head along the length of the hairline.

How to cut a bang? Let's go straight to the ways.

How to exactly cut the bangs

Classic straight bangs with hair of the same length. One of the most popular and simple bangs.How to cut straight bangs?

  1. To begin to moisten the hair. Despite the warnings of the pros, they say, the bangs need to be cut on dry hair, we will somewhat ease our task. The main thing is to slightly moisten the hair, and not to bring water from them to run off in streams.
  2. Parting the area of ​​future bangs, "extra" interfering hair pinch the clips.
  3. Separate the first strand and cut it at the right level. Immediately, not in stages, but immediately at the right level! This strand will serve as a control strand.
  4. Separate the next strand of hair after about 1 centimeter from the first. Lift both strands upward so that they are perpendicular to the head - this will allow you to maintain accuracy in cutting the bangs. Cut hair at the level of the first, control strands.
  5. Thus, referring to the previous strand, cut the bang completely. By the way, you can cut the hair as a straight cut, and teeth.
  6. Comb your hair as you wear your bangs. Make the necessary fringing.

If desired, you can make filigree. How to do this, we will tell you closer to the end of the article.

Dry your hair. Pay attention that the hair will rise when drying, which visually shortens your bangs. Therefore, immediately, when cutting, make it 8-10 mm longer than the one you want to receive.Dry bangs better from the roots - this will add natural volume.

How to cut a bang

Oblique bangs have always enjoyed considerable popularity. After all, it looks unusual, stylish, somewhat bold and unnatural to the emotion. But at all times fashionable! Let's learn how to cut the bangs on the side at home, without spending a lot of time visiting the hairdresser. Believe me, this is not as difficult as it seems.

How to cut oblique bangs

  • Separate the hair intended for bangs from the rest with a triangular parting. Smash the rest of the interfering hair.
  • Soak your hair well and comb it. Then there are two options for action.
  • Immediately cut the hair with a regular straight cut at the angle you need. Edging bangs will be smooth. Or go deeper with the tips of the scissors into the very depths of the bang, carefully trim the hair with very fine teeth. The edging of the bangs in this case will be uneven. It is important to remember, hair - wet, dry - lift up!

If your bangs are very thick, and you decide to destroy it:

  • Divide the bangs into strands about 1 cm thick.
  • Comb and pull strands perpendicular to the face.
  • Now you need to clamp the strand between the fingers and cut the triangle from the hair straight cut.

If the bang does not bother you with its thickness, then you can immediately begin to thinning.

How to mill a bang

The meaning of the procedure is to break up the hair, make it less thick and thus give the bangs more naturalness. We take a strand one and a half to two centimeters thick and grab it with special thinning shears. Then open the scissors, push them to the ends of the hair and close again. Thus, we get some "cascade" of individual hair and natural haircut.

I think we managed to tell you how to cut the bangs. By the way, pay attention to the video, how to cut a bang. It is located on the page with the article.

See you again!

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