How to cut yourself?

Periodically, you need to cut your hair or keep your hair cut to look neat. However, not everyone has enough time to visit the hairdresser, many, moreover, save money. But there is a way out - you just need to learn how to cut yourself on your own at home.

How to cut your hair: ways

Any haircut at home should be done with a hairdresser’s scissors. They have thinner and sharp blades, which allows for shorter and more even hair. You need to cut the hair slowly, so as not to get hurt, carefully measuring the length of the strands.

Very often you have to cut your bangs, as short hair grows quickly. You can read more about how to cut the bang in different ways here.

If you are used to getting a haircut with a typewriter, our other tutorial article will help you.

Now we will consider how to cut your own hair.

  1. Moisten your hair well - it will be straighter and easier to cut. Then they need to be carefully combed.Note that wet hair is slightly longer than dry, so you need to cut just below the intended length.
  2. Take a ruler and use it to measure the length of the hair that you want to cut.
  3. Take a thin strand in your hand in front, hold it with your thumb and forefinger. Measure the length you want to cut, and cut off excess hair. Check that the strand is cut straight. In a similar way, you can cut all your hair, dividing it into strands. Now it will be easier: you will be able to navigate along the length of the first trimmed strand, gradually cutting the hair in a circle.
  4. When all your hair is trimmed, comb it and see if it is evenly trimmed. In case of errors, they can always be corrected.

Note: if you have curly hair, first you need to separate them with a parted part and cut them along the strands below the desired length, because when drying the curls will rise up, which will shorten your haircut. If the hair is hard or thick, the strands must be taken thin, otherwise there is a risk of cutting yourself crookedly.

Is it possible to make a full-fledged haircut at home by yourself? You can try, but it will be simple. Consider an interesting way to cut yourself, which is offered by hairdresser Lee Stafford. With it, you can make yourself a haircut ladder with bangs.

  1. Comb thoroughly and smooth your hair well.
  2. Now mix all your hair forward (without cocks) and gather it with a tight elastic just above the forehead. You should be like this photo:How to cut yourself?
  3. Check that the hair is neatly and evenly combed. Take a ruler and measure from the beginning of the tail the length of hair that you want to leave. Everything else must be cut off.
  4. Cut off exactly one strand of the tail to the desired length, then, focusing on it, cut the entire tail.
  5. When all the hair in the tail is trimmed, profile it. Deploy the scissors deep into the tail and thin the hair.
  6. Now you just have to remove the gum, comb your hair and enjoy the new haircut. If desired, you can correct the shape and length of the bangs.

This is how you can cut yourself at home. It is important to ensure that the hair is well combed and that the haircut is smooth.

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