How to disable SMS alerts?

Using SMS alerts, different operators quickly inform a wide range of subscribers of changes in a given situation, promotions, etc. It is also an ideal way to ensure close interaction between company employees and implement a fast emergency response system. SMS notifications are used in the work of large corporations, transport and forwarding companies, Internet sites, mobile operators, banks, etc.

What do SMS messages say?

The average mobile phone users receive a lot of text messages every day. The content of notifications varies: a change in the balance of a bank card, an account balance, amounts payable for services provided by telecom operators, advertising of goods and services, a change in tariffs, notification of messages, the minimum payment to be made to the bank, etc. You have to constantly be distracted by reading and deleting unnecessary messages, so it’s best to look for ways to turn off the SMS alert.

SMS from MTS

You can disable alerts from MTS by calling toll-free number 0890. The operator of the subscriber service at your request will cancel the SMS notification. In the same way, you can cancel SMS coming from short numbers. The operator will have to provide your passport information or code word. The official MTS website will tell you how to turn off MTS alerts. On the same site, you can perform all operations that disable notifications.

SMS alerts banks

One of the types of services that large banks provide to customers is their notification of account transactions via mobile banking. SMS notification for debit and credit card holders is provided if you have a mobile phone connected to the network of one of the federal mobile operators. With the help of m-banking, you can replenish the balance of the phone, pay for services, make a transfer to another card. It is possible to disable SMS alerts of banks in their branches, by issuing a corresponding application, or through the operators of subscriber departments.

Customers of Sberbank of Russia do not have to worry about how to turn off the SMS alert.Sberbank offers to call toll-free number 8 800 555 5550. The operator, checking your passport data, code word and bank card number, disables the SMS notifications installed on your phone. Alfa-Bank's customers for the same purpose can use the toll-free phone number 8 800 2000 000. The data that the operator needs to know to turn off the SMS alert is the same.

SMS from Beeline

Subscribers of the mobile operator Beeline can turn off alerts by calling the customer support center at the toll-free number 0611 or by using the 0674 remote service control center. Social networks and Internet sites inform their users about the messages they have received, about their friends' birthdays, about new topics in communities and responses to comments, etc. You can usually disable the SMS alert in the main or additional account settings.

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