How to make a massage? Basic rules and technology

The article will talk about how to properly massage. Many are interested in this issue, but do not know where to look for detailed and correct information. The article is written for informational purposes, so it is better to take special courses and get important knowledge from the lips of professionals. We will consider the main points and pay attention to the massage of different parts of the body.

Short story

Let's start with a brief history. So, the researchers still can not come to a single point of view about where and when the massage originated. It is impossible to count it among the “inventions” of a certain people, since all over the world these techniques developed almost simultaneously. There is information that people from the islands of the Pacific Ocean used massage techniques, which means that they were available to primitive peoples. The most common massage received in Indonesia, where it was used for local or general treatment.The warriors of Rome used various methods of physical impact on the body after the battles, so that there would be no bruises and other traces. In ancient China, there were schools for doctors in which massage was one of the disciplines necessary for studying. Mention is also found in the medical writings of Hippocrates and Avicenna.

When Christianity came, people forgot how to properly massage, because this technique was considered pagan and completely eradicated. I must say that for a long time after these events, massage was not considered a discipline that deserves special scientific to do massage

Later, it was developed by such scientists and doctors as Peter-Heinrich Ling, Professor Mozenheyl, etc.


So, how to do the massage? To do this, it is necessary not only to master all the techniques perfectly and know when each of them is appropriate, but also to know the rules that lay the foundation for the massage. Consider the basic rules:

  1. All movements should be directed to the lymphatic system. For example, the back should be massaged from the spine to the side, the chest - from the abdomen to the armpit, the thigh - from the knees to the groin. With a stomach work only clockwise.
  2. The nipples and lymph node area is never massaged in either men or women.
  3. For the massage to be as effective as possible, all muscles must be relaxed.
  4. Each method is repeated 5 to 8 times.
  5. The rule of alternating aggressive and calm receptions.
  6. During the exposure should not occur pain. The force of pressing a muscle should correspond to its tone.
  7. You can carry out the procedure through a cloth or underwear, but a greater effect will be when working with a naked body. At the same time, the air temperature should not be lower than 20 degrees.
  8. In order to stimulate blood circulation, massage is started from large parts of the body. In addition, it contributes to the pumping of lymph from the extremities.
  9. Before starting a session, a person should take a shower or wipe with a wet towel. Various oils are used to improve the slip of the hands, as well as to relax a person. At the same time, powders can be used if the hands of the masseur are sweating and the patient has too much hair.
  10. The professional should work exclusively with clean hands. They should not be bracelets, rings, etc. It is preferable to work with both hands, so that the load was uniform. In this case, the patient's body should be at a suitable height.
  11. Separately, should be selected rhythm and pace of movement, depending on what purpose in front of a massage therapist. Active movements tone up the nervous system, medium in intensity harmonize and balance, while weak and slow movements have a relaxing and calming effect.
  12. The transition between impact techniques should be smooth, but without pauses.

We reviewed the basic rules that govern each professional.


Knowing how to do the massage on the basis of basic principles, let's talk about the techniques of exposure. There are not many of them, but each can be decomposed into several more subspecies. We, according to tradition, will consider the most important thing in order to understand how to properly massage at home.

Each person, making massage unprofessional, one way or another uses the accepted techniques. There are 8 of them in total, of which 2 are auxiliary. The latter are used as an additional lever of influence to weaken or enhance the effect of the main to do back massage

The first trick we’ll look at is stroking. They begin and end the procedure. The procedure is carried out with light movements of the palms.In order to properly perform the reception, four fingers must be tightly closed, and the big one is set aside to the side to the maximum. You also need to know that stroking can be a spiral, straight and combined. The spiral effect relaxes the person as much as possible, and the combined movements help relieve physical and mental stress. At the same time, during stroking, the dead layer of the epidermis is removed, skin respiration, skin tone and elasticity are improved, venous blood and lymph outflow is enhanced, nervous tension passes, and pain and spasms disappear.

The second technique is squeezing, which is carried out with the help of a palm edge. The fingers are slightly bent and located across the massaged area. To enhance the effect of the hands overlap each other. There is already an impact not only on the skin, but also fatty tissue, the surface layer of muscles and connective tissue. Using the technique removes swelling, improves metabolic processes in tissues. At the same time the body comes to a tone, the work of the central nervous system is stimulated. This massage is often used by athletes before important competitions.

The third method is kneading.He is in the main massage, so he is given almost half of all time. At the same time, the muscle is either fixed, or delayed and then kneaded. Reception has a strong effect on human subcutaneous tissue and muscular system. Increases metabolism, which contributes to the growth of muscle tissue. Reception has a tonic effect.

Soothing tricks

Shaking - a technique that is used only in the case of maximum muscle relaxation. It relieves tension, soothes the nervous system, stimulates the outflow of blood and lymph, perfectly fights muscle fatigue, helps restore strength. For all these properties are very fond of athletes.

Rubbing - a technique used in almost all types of massage. It allows you to remove the pain and restore the functionality of the joints after injuries or overloads. Strong effect on tendons, ligaments, joints and fascia. Admission significantly increases the mobility of the joints, prevents the occurrence of deposits. Professionals prefer circular and straight-line rubbing, which are performed with to do massage at home

So, now we know for sure how to properly massage using the basic techniques for affecting the human body.

Therapeutic movements

Healing movements are of three types:

  1. Conducted with resistance when the masseur has to overcome the patient’s light conscious resistance.
  2. Passive movements performed in the most relaxed state with a maximum amplitude. Such movements increase the elasticity of the muscles, their performance.
  3. Active movements that activate the nervous system and contribute to the restoration and strengthening of the muscular system. Can be performed independently.


How to do a facial massage? We will talk about this now, but we’ll clarify that there is a more specific area that deals with these issues - face-building. First you need to completely clean the face of cosmetics. Then it needs to be steamed. Only after that you can start a massage. He necessarily performed on the massage lines. There are so many schemes that explain the direction of movement. From the nose should move to the center of the forehead and in the direction of the eyebrows. From the nose they move to the upper part of the ears, from the nostrils to the lower part of the ears.Movement on the chin ends under the jaw. The whole point of such a massage is that it should be to do neck massage


Neck massage is performed only after this area is thoroughly cleaned and steamed. You can apply a moisturizer. All movements should be soft and smooth, as the skin on the neck is very delicate. The massage provides soft stroking and rubbing from the throat to the neckline. There are no other exercises here. It is very effective to “knock” the tongue on the upper palate, as this prevents the occurrence of a second chin. No less effective is the exercise, when a person pulls the lower jaw forward, strongly straining the neck. Now you know how to properly massage the neck, but still it is better to consult with a specialist.


You can do back massage yourself or with a professional only after consulting a doctor. Remember that the main rule - do no harm. A person should lie on his stomach, having special rollers under the breast, abdomen and forehead. The procedure begins with a soft rubbing with two hands. Movement - bottom-up. After each technique, stroking is performed. Ends massage vibrations.If a person is healthy, a specialist can use such active techniques as chopping, patting or tapping. You know how to properly massage your back, but all experts highly recommend not to do it yourself. Moreover, even when you come to the salon, the master will ask for help from the doctor that you are healthy and have no pathologies.massage cans how to do

Anticellulite massage

The question of how to properly do cellulite massage can be answered by a specialist in this field. However, every woman can do it at home herself. The main thing is to be healthy and know that you do not harm yourself. Most often this massage is performed in the zone of the inner part of the thigh. The movements are sharp, strong, sometimes causing pain. For the purpose of losing weight is also used massage cans. How to do it, tell a specialist. At home it is better not to do this so as not to cause various violations of the skin. how to do anti-cellulite massage


Foot massage is the safest. This can be done by everyone. However, it is considered one of the most effective, since there are acupuncture points on the foot, the correct effect on which affects the whole body.What is the peculiarity of foot massage? How to do it? The bottom line is that you can act intuitively and independently. If you do not want, you can purchase a massage to massage the baby

How to properly massage the child?

The main rule is to entrust this procedure to a professional. It is much more difficult for an adult to hurt, because his body is shaped and firm. Children's bones and joints are too sensitive, so one wrong move can be harmful. Parents who do the massage themselves undergo special courses or receive full information from the doctor, who allows for independent exercise. To act intuitively or according to information from unverified sources is the same thing as putting experience on your child.

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