How to dress a newborn in the fall

With the advent of a new small family member in your house, everything happens for the first time: the first swimming, the first swaddling, the first walk.

And if you are expecting a baby in October-November, then our advice on how to dress a newborn in the fall will be most welcome.

Perhaps not everyone knows that a newborn child is considered to be up to 28 days of life, that is, just under a month. At this time, the processes of thermoregulation have not yet been formed to the end. The baby now has a very thin fatty subcutaneous layer, which is responsible for hypothermia. But the sweat glands, giving off excess heat in the form of sweat, the crumbs do not work yet.

That is why the question of how to wear a newborn in the fall is so important for young parents. Especially, given that at this time of year the weather is very changeable and changeable, and walks are so necessary for the kid.

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By the way, in the second month of life, the situation will change: the fat layer will increase - and the protection against hypothermia will be better.But as for the process of heat transfer, it begins only at the age of three.

Knowing aboutphysiological features of the babyIt will be easier for us to decide how to dress a newborn in the fall.

A child under the age of 1 month should be worn a little warmer than an older child. If you take an adult as a reference point, when an adult is cool, for a crumbs, this is just a comfortable temperature. When an adult is warm, the child will already be hot. And remember thaton the street the newborn will freeze fasterthan his parent, because you move, and he lies in the carriage.

Yulia Shushailo, natural parenting specialist, the head of the Miracle In House Club, says:"While it is not cold - do not wrap the baby. The statement “He is small, he is cold” is extremely erroneous, because he will be cold all his life, regardless of if mother makes every effort to do so. Conversely, if the baby's clothes will match the outside temperature - colds will be extremely rare.I would like to particularly note about the canopies that are included in the set of wheelchairs - they are designed for a harsh winter with a cutting wind.There is no need at all to cover them with a child in good weather - he will not freeze, but he will get more air, sunlight and the benefits of the walk..

In the autumn wardrobe crumbsmust be:

  • flannee diapers;
  • sliders;
  • knitted hats;
  • knitted soccer shirts;
  • flannels;
  • warm hat;
  • warm thick socks;
  • warm overalls for walking (with "legs");
  • children's warm plaedik;
  • warm blanket, envelope or man.

If it's cold outside, wear: body, knit man, woolen blouse and warm overalls, thin hat, and a warmer

An example of how to wear a newborn in the fall. If it is cold outside: body, knitted overalls, wool jacket and warm overalls. Do not forget the warm hat, and under it - a knitted hat. If it is not very cold outside, then instead of a warm jumpsuit, you can wear a demi-season baby and do not wear a wool blouse.

As you already understood: you need to find a middle ground between three fur coats and one blouse, because the child still has poor thermoregulation. Determinedidn't the baby get coldor, conversely, how hot it is, in several ways.For example, to touch the skin on the neck and upper back: if it is moist and hot, then the baby is hot. The second way: to feel the nose, and if it is cold, then the crumb has frozen too.

When you go for a walk, it is very important to know whether you are going to visit or go to the doctor’s appointment. After all, the baby can overheat if you wear warm clothes that are difficult to take off. And if he sweats, his chances of catching a cold will increase significantly. In the clinic, and even worse: the child will need to be very quickly undressed in the doctor’s office (and you know how difficult it is).

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How to dress a newborn in the fall 7

How to dress a newborn in the fall 77

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How to dress a newborn in the fall 56

How to dress a newborn in the fall 56

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