How to dry rosehip: tips and tricks

According to the national calendar, the day of Arina Shipovitsy falls on October 1. This time is considered the best for harvesting fruits. However, it is not always possible to do this on October 1. Much depends on the climate, weather conditions. So when is it right to collect the fruit, how to dry dogrose, where and how to store? You will find answers to all these questions in this to dry dog ​​rose

When you need to collect fruit

A record number of healing substances in the dog rose is contained during its full maturation. This period lasts from August to October. It all depends on the type of wild rose and weather conditions. Try not to collect immature fruits, otherwise you risk losing all that force of nature in the fruits for which you harvest them. But if you already had the first night frosts, then you can not rush to the collection, the dog-rose no longer has and 50% of all that you expect from it.wild rose for the winter

How to collect fruit

Rosehip for the winter harvests a huge number of people, but not all follow the most important rule: you can not pick berries near the roads, factories, factories and other similar places.Fruits must be plucked along with the stalks and the remnants of the cups. All this is easily removed after drying, and all the vitamins will remain safe and sound.billet for the winter

How to dry dogrose?

If you want to properly dry the fruit, you know one important condition - they should in no case be exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Some, for example, are advised to isolate the wild rose from the light, and do everything in the dark. However, firstly, it is quite problematic, and secondly, not necessarily.

There are a lot of options how to dry rosehip. Everyone must choose the one that is most suitable for specific conditions. Our ancestors, for example, used for this furnace. We have no such possibility, therefore, the wild rose hips will be prepared for the winter using one of the methods below.dried rosehip

For those outside the city

Those citizens who live outside the city or simply have a cottage, in this situation will be easier. It is very convenient to harvest fruit, for example, in the attic. To do this, the dog rose must be spread out in a thin layer on plywood or sheets of newspaper and placed in the attic.The only condition - the place should be regularly ventilated, be sure to follow this.

Another way to dry rose hips is also great for the above-mentioned category of people. To do this, the collected fruit must be poured into a basin with low sides or laid out on a large board, a tray. The main thing is to distribute all this in a uniform thin layer over the surface. Make sure that the fruit is not too much, otherwise the lower part will not be able to dry properly, and then completely begin to rot. After that, the berries are placed in the air, but only in the shade. It is important that the place you choose is protected from strong winds. During the day, this whole mass should be mixed regularly, and at night, hidden in a room and covered with a film of polyethylene. The main disadvantage of this method is the duration of drying, which takes from 2 to 4 weeks. And this is also provided that during this time the weather does not deteriorate.rosehip tea

The fastest way to dry

Dried rosehip will give a lot of vitamins and nutrients to your body in the cold season, but on condition that you prepare it correctly. Your attention is another way - using a conventional oven.

To begin with, reassemble the collected fruits, remove debris, leaflets, and so on.Experienced people in no case advised to remove the stalk. They can be shortened a little, but not at all under the very berry.

Next, take a metal baking sheet, distribute the prepared berries evenly on it, place in the oven. Begin to dry at a temperature of about 40 degrees, gradually increase it to 60.

To obtain a finished quality product, the fruit must be kept in the oven for about 7-8 hours. Pay your attention to one very important point - all this time the oven door should be slightly ajar. This helps to remove moisture that will evaporate from the berries. And so that the fruits are not burnt, from time to time, shake the baking sheet.

How to determine what berries are ready? If the fruit has become hard, and when pressed, it breaks into several pieces, then the process can be considered complete. However, not quite. The fruits must still "sweat." To do this, while they are still hot, put them in a wooden box, cover it with a lid and leave for a couple of days. Do not open the box during this period! And then scatter the finished fruit in a handbag made of cloth, tie the product and place in a dark place.It is also allowed to store wild rose in glass or tin jars, only you should not close them with lids, it is better to tie them with gauze for good air circulation. And in the winter cold, wild rose, harvested according to the rules, will give you a huge dose of vitamin C, carotene, increase immunity, give strength. Brew tea and be healthy!

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