How to fill waybills?

Olga Lysenko
Olga Lysenko
January 22, 2013
How to fill waybills?

The waybill is the main document in order to take into account mileage, fuel write-off, as well as the route of transport and the work of the driver himself. Such a document should be issued every day, if necessary. To date, transport agencies are allowed to issue waybills for a long period if necessary.

The form of such a sheet is different, as it depends on the type of transport: freight or passenger. This document is written mainly by the dispatcher, but the head of the institution can appoint any other employee to this position.

When working with vehicles, you need to know how to fill in waybills and do it correctly.

How to fill the waybill

So, fill in the details and both sides of the document (main points).

It is necessary to indicate the sequence number of this document and the date when it was issued in the waybill. There must be a stamp and seal of the institution on whose balance sheet the vehicle is listed.In the line called “License Card”, the mark is put only when the licensed types of transportation are made by car. If you use the car only for management needs, then you should put a dash in this article.

The route of the transport is indicated on the back of the document. There you must specify the destination, as well as the time when the vehicle leaves and arrives. The number of kilometers traveled must be indicated. This is necessary in order to write off the cost of consumed gasoline, and this is also the basis for calculating the wages of the driver of the vehicle.

The column "Customer Code" must be used when servicing customers not from this institution.

In the section titled “Car Result”, the financier or accountant of the institution will make the accrual of cash earnings to the driver of the vehicle. If the salary is charged according to the time-based payment system, then it is necessary to indicate the number of hours worked. In the line titled “For hours, rubles, kopecks.” You must indicate the amount of salary that has been accrued.Below must be signed by an accountant.

Upon receipt of such a document, each employee must not only know how to correctly fill out the waybill, but also that corrections are allowed in it, but when all participants in the process are confirmed (signatories of the corrections must be put).

Sample fill

A sample of the completed waybill can be found at the following link:. Passing through it, you can see a great sample.

You can also use such links as:,, they will help you correctly and correctly complete this document.

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