How to find customers?

Any sale of products implies the presence of the seller and the buyer. The ability to find potential customers, to build long-term relationships with them is considered the key to successful business. At the beginning of his career, any businessman is afraid of the unknown, because he does not know where to find customers, how to sell and how to create a permanent clientele. In our article we will try to dispel these fears, we will show all existing ways of how to find clients in the modern world.

Ways to find customers

Any seller starts his business with finding customers. What do you need to do for this? So, in a modern market economy, there are the following ways to find customers:

  • Use of media. As a rule, this is the most common and simple method of searching for clients. If you don’t know where to find customers, but watch TV, read the press and are well-versed in ad sites, then first of all, pay attention to these skills. Using the media, you can both look for customers by ads and advertisements, and you can submit the right ads and start advertising about yourself.Among the media, you can highlight such sources of customer search as:
    • local newspapers;
    • specialized magazines;
    • phone books;
    • radio;
    • publications of regional chambers of commerce;
    • TV;
    • Ad sites, social networks, forums.
  • Attend a variety of activities. By participating in them, you can not only find potential customers, but also business partners. Be sure to carry business cards with you so that a person can not only have a definite opinion about you, but also remain data (telephone, email). As a rule, such activities include:
    • celebrations
    • sporting events
    • corporate holidays
    • conferences citywide events
    • Exhibitions
    • joint projects.
  • The use of personal connections. How to find new customers in this case? Usually this method is considered from time immemorial to be the most effective, since it involves meeting with potential clients through their own personal connections with the right people. What if you do not have such links? Create them! Attend clubs, sports clubs, closed shows and other places that your potential customers usually visit to rest, relax and get away from daily activities.Such acquaintances tend to contribute to the successful conduct of their business, good advertising and recommendations, as well. If you try hard, long-term cooperation.
  • Conducting promotions and presentations. In order for people to become your customers, you need to tell potential customers about yourself and your product. Usually, a potential client remembers how a particular product is presented to him, and not the product itself. Competently built presentation or action, sensible explanation of the main points to the client usually plays a key role in further building relationships with him. Among the main events at which you decide the question of how to find clients yourself, the following can be highlighted:
    • presentations in crowded places;
    • distribution of leaflets and business cards on the streets;
    • phone calls;
    • sending information to e-mail and regular mail;
    • questioning people both on the street and by phone;
    • personal meetings with potential clients in the workplace.

Looking for a customer approach

Even if you have found a potential client, this does not mean that he will buy your product or services.The main task of the seller at this stage is to retain the customer by any means. So, how to find an approach to the client so that he becomes your regular customer?

  • Make a favorable impression. People always pay attention to how the seller is dressed, speaks and behaves in relation to the potential buyer. You should be a neatly dressed and confident person who will first greet and introduce himself, and then begin to talk about their products. Naturally, it will be better if you smile, and do not begin to throw out all your negative emotions on the client.
  • Build the dialogue correctly. You definitely need to know the opinion of the client about the area that you will represent, as this will be the starting point of all your subsequent questions and arguments. If the client cannot express his opinion, then try to ask him a couple of leading questions that will help you present your product in a favorable light. Be sure to discuss all the disadvantages and merits of the products, if any, so that the client has no questions left. Never interrupt a client - be able to listen to the end, as this skill is very at the disposal of people.
  • Try to make a deal.In most cases, with a properly built dialogue, people prefer to shop immediately. Even if you do not succeed in immediately selling the goods, be sure to agree with the client about when you will see him or call again. But in no case do not press on the client, otherwise he will immediately decide that you impose your products on him. Never miss calls your customer, and if that happened, be sure to call him back.

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