How to find Moscow?

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How to find Moscow?

About Red Square, the Kremlin, the Mausoleum heardalmost everyone, even if they did not visit these places. But as for non-standard attractions, we will now tell you about some of them and you will learn how to find out Moscow by visiting just a few places in the city.

How to navigate in Moscow

In a megacity it is not easy to find this or thatA place, and to be guided in an unfamiliar place is even more difficult. It's good that there are modern devices for navigation. Take advantage of, for example, 2gis or Google Map. You can also buy a traditional atlas, which lists all bus stations, there is a subway map, and some houses on the map are even numbered. You can always seek help from passing people. Some believe that indigenous Muscovites - people are not sympathetic and, perhaps, even stale. But here's our advice - be polite, smiling and open with an interlocutor, then you will be answered the same!

Night life

The American tradition - throwing each other in cakes, attracts many RussiansMoscowof people. Especially for those who have long wanted to smash their friend's cake on the face and have fun from the heart, the CakeFun club realizes your dream and will give you a lot of emotions! Note that such a pastime will not please everyone, but it's worth a try if you are bored with traditional parties. In order not to spoil clothes, protective suits and glasses are given out - all culturally, and those who wish can even take a shower. The club has a quiet zone, free from the mad fun, where you can drink tea with a slice of delicious cake.

A cafe

Lovers of little animals, or rather cats, are waiting for a big surprise! In Moscow there is a cafe in which cats and cats are full owners of the institution. They are everywhereMoscowwalk, flatter and play with visitors. For quadrupeds all kinds of sun loungers, baskets are created, they do not need food - there are bowls with refreshments for them everywhere. The only thing they require is your attention and affection. After all, it is for this purpose that Muscovites and visitors of the city like to visit the cat cafe. The atmosphere, of course, reigns pacifying and unusual - you can safely eat, drink coffee, while stroking the mering cat on his knees. It is worth noting that Moscow is not far behind Europe and Japan, where cat cats have long been popular.

Modern architecture


The sights of Moscow areall kinds of buildings, monuments, statues, but we will talk about a house that is called the House-Egg or Egg-Faberge. Its name is due to its shape and original design. This house really looks like an egg, looks very original and is located on Mashkov Street. Its height is 4 floors. The house is estimated at 10 million rubles - there is something to see.


A romantic and not so popular place is the Park of the Future in Moscow. In another way it is called the Botanical Garden or the park near the Botanical Garden. If you believeMoscowhistorical facts, it was created in the 18th century. At this time there was the estate of Leonov, but nothing left of it except a pond and a church in which you can see very beautiful frescoes of the 18th century. The place is marked by a relic oak tree, which is 300 years old - it is even protected by the state. In 2007 the park got a new name - Garden of the Future: an alley of Newborns and Newlyweds was created. There are many trees in the park, the place is very picturesque, and the Yauza River in this place does not freeze even in winter.


In Moscow, a huge number of different museums: ancient and modern, and their total number - about two hundred! Everything is difficult to get around, so decide whichMoscowdirection you are more interested. You can visit the largest State Historical Museum. It was founded by decree of the Emperor Alexander II in 1872. It is located in the red square, in the heart of the metropolis. The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is fully specialized in art of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is widely popular among creative people and actively participates in the artistic life of Moscow.

Caves of Siany

In Moscow, a network of artificial undergroundcaves. They are safe, excursions are conducted in them, and daredevils can try to get there without the help of a guide. There are many legends connected with these places, in which it is told about the Speleologist andMoscowTwo-faced. They help good people, but they punish the bad. But these are just legends. In general, visiting Syan is informative and interesting, various parties and events are held in caves. The sight of one of the grottoes is a kind of Temple, which is decorated with icons and candles. The place is considered sacred. But the grotto Shrug laz, if you believe the local bikes, will awaken in you the memory of your own birth - just crawl over it. Connoisseurs of contemporary art can observe in the caves the mystical drawings created by nature itself. Undoubtedly, a lot of impressions and different emotions await you after visiting the complex of caves.

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