How to finish the job?

A person becomes successful only when he brings his business to its logical conclusion. But it does not always go to finish all his affairs. Always remain unfinished and the time for them is simply not enough. Argued that these are the old unfinished business you do not give you to develop further and rises across your ambitions. Often, people are deliberately afraid to complete an important task or do not know how to finish what they have begun. Why is this happening? In this article we will tell about the main barriers (obstacles) that prevent a person from finishing his work.

Hedge number one

Sometimes, doing your job, you are so absorbed in it that you simply cannot finish it. Look for your own mistakes, correct them, create new ones, and the time for execution will expire. Psychologists call such actions “perfectionism”. That is, a person constantly wants to bring his work to the ideal and sees only fictional errors, which in the end spoils his final result even more. To avoid this and finish your unfinished business try:

  • Take breaks, take walks.
  • Unload your brain with other activities (watching a movie, just relaxing, reading books).
  • If the task is huge in scope, then do it in parts, but set a time frame for it.

Barrier number two

Sometimes, people do not know how to finish the job, because they are gnawed at thoughts about the imminent completion, for example, of a project or a huge piece of work. A person starts digging into himself: what if I find the best way to solve a problem? Maybe there are several other solutions? And you start to scare the fear at yourself, thereby preventing yourself from finishing the job. What to do in this case, when the unfinished business creates problems?

  • Try to write your own, detailed action plan.
  • Stick to it, if you have doubts, clarify your next steps calmly, do not rush (even if time is running out).
  • Remember that any project you have completed will open up prospects for you, which can later create a powerful impetus to your development.
  • Doing something now, think about how it can be implemented in the future.

Hedge number three

Often, not knowing how to finish the job, a person can easily lose his enthusiasm, and the work can easily end, all efforts will simply be wasted. Usually, this happens when the case is almost over. Throwing it, you come back again and now your efforts should be doubly greater, and the mood is already lost. To avoid this, and do not give laziness or loss of enthusiasm to get the better of you, try:

  • Find the "muse". The person who will tune you in the right way. We are talking about a partner who will help you with advice, and you, in turn, can not let him down without doing the work.
  • Try to unload yourself, do not grasp the big piece of work right away.
  • Try to meet with the manager or the person who will check your work. Split your work into several parts, do not carry all the information at once. Organize these meetings, it will give you impetus for further action.
  • If meetings are not possible, use e-mail or talk to a person close to you, a fresh look from a person who knows nothing about your business can push you.

Hedge number four

Sometimes, your business is already coming to an end, and you start to fear that this work is imperfect and will not please your supervisor. By defending yourself from this, you start postponing the deadlines, thereby exposing yourself to criticism. This situation beats the person’s self-esteem, it can close in itself and not show its potential, which can lead to bad consequences.

What to do in this case? Try not to be afraid of speaking with your leader, if you feel that not everything is as sad as it seems, defend your point of view, but do not go too far. First of all, try to bring your grunt work where the manager can point you to mistakes. After these corrections are made, you can move on. Do not be afraid to receive comments, but do not be afraid to ask what you do not know. Good luck in your professional activities!

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