How to fix Apple ID errors: failed validation, problems creating and connecting

When entering the Apple account, the system suddenly gives an error, the device automatically turns into a "brick" or just a "dialer" in the case of a smartphone. It is impossible to use proprietary services: there is no access to iCloud, AppStore, iTunes, etc. Typically, the problem with access occurs after updating the current version of iOS.

Apple ID errors and solutions

Apple ID error usually occurs when a user tries to log in to his account when installing an application through the AppStore, making a purchase in iTunes, or turning on the device after updating iOS. Often this problem manifests itself in iOS versions 9.3.2 and 10 - this is due to Apple’s transition to a two-factor authentication system.

Initially, make sure your Apple ID is valid. Check it out is quite simple: go to the Apple website and enter your account details - it should open. If this does not happen, you either enter the data incorrectly or forget the password.If the information is lost irrevocably, register a new "register". If the Apple ID is all right, then you need to find out the cause of the error by successively checking the options described below.

Error connecting to server

Messages like “Error connecting to server”, “Connection to Apple ID failed”, etc. occur for the following reasons:

  • The time and date settings were incorrectly set, or the device is not tied to the correct time zone. Corrected by putting the necessary data ("Settings" - "Basic" - "Date and time");
    IOS Settings for Date and Time

    Date, time and time zone settings are set in the “Settings” menu - “Basic” - “Date and time”

  • The serial number of your device is hidden. “It is being treated” is simple: in the “Basic” sub-item of the settings menu there is a section “About this device” - the serial number is indicated there. If it is not, hammer it manually, it is written on the package;
    Serial number of the iOS device

    The serial number of the device should be displayed when you go to the "Settings" - "Basic" - "About this device"

  • The device is installed irrelevant or beta iOS. Here helps to update to the latest stable firmware. To check the sequence number of your operating system, go to the “Basic” section of the settings menu and select the “Software Update” item.The system will check for new versions and report if any;
    IOS version and updates available

    The current version of iOS and available updates are checked in the menu "Settings" - "General" - "Software updates"

  • poor connection with the Internet. Restart your Wi-Fi router when it comes to your home network. Reboot also the device itself, go to the settings and select the Wi-Fi section. Click on your network and click “Forget this network” button, then reconnect to it. Sometimes this method helps to solve the problem;
    Wi-Fi settings on iPhone

    To troubleshoot network problems, reboot the device, in the “Settings” - “Wi-Fi” menu, select the name of your network, click “Forget this network” and reconnect to it

  • It happens that the problem is not with you, but on the Apple server itself, for example, due to overloading or technical work. The company's official website has a “System Status” section, which lists all the servers and indicates their operability at the current time - sometimes it is enough to check your problem with the state of the corresponding server and wait a bit;
    Status of Apple Servers

    On the official Apple site, you can see the status and performance of Apple servers at the moment - sometimes failures are due to technical work

  • jailbreak on the device.You can get rid of it through the restoration of factory settings. Launch iTunes on your computer, connect your mobile device to it, wait until the program displays your device, and select it. In the window on the right, click on the "Restore iPhone" or "Restore iPad" button, confirm the action and the system will restore the factory settings without jailbroken.
    Restore iPhone or iPad via iTunes

    To remove the jailbreak you need to go to iTunes from your PC and select the item “Restore iPhone” (or iPad)

Access to Apple's servers can be blocked by antiviruses and similar programs. Remember that in iOS they are not needed - you can safely disable them.

There are two other ways to solve the problem of connecting to an Apple server:

  1. Log out and log back in. This is done through the Settings menu — iTunes Store and AppStore. In the uppermost row is the account, click on it and select "Exit". After that, restart the device and try again to log in to the Apple server.
    Exiting the account

    To log out of your account, click on its name in the iTunes Store menu and the AppStore.

  2. Hard reset.Before resorting to it, it is better to create a backup. Hard Reset erases all the device settings, so start after it will have to be literally from scratch.To pull down all the data from your smartphone or tablet, go to the “Basic” item in the “Settings” and select “Reset” in the very bottom line and go to the “Erase settings and content” item. Next you need to follow the instructions - after the final reboot, you will receive an absolutely “clean” device.
    Hard reset on iOS devices

    To completely erase all settings on the iPhone or iPad, select the item “Erase content and settings” in the “Reset” menu (“Settings” - “Basic”)

Video: what to do if there is an Apple ID connection error

Failure to log in to your Apple ID account

Failure to log in sometimes occurs because of software problems on the server - then you need to wait for the completion of the technical work. How to check this is described above, but if the problem is not on the Apple side, then you should go through activation through iTunes. To do this, run it on your PC and perform the following actions:

  1. Log out of your iTunes account: at the top left, click on the store icon or “Account”, bring up the “Authorization” menu and click “Deauthorize an account ...”, then reboot and log in again in the store.
    Deauthorizing Apple ID through iTunes

    To deauthorize in iTunes, select the appropriate item in the “Account” menu - “Authorization”

  2. If the authorization fails after that, go to the settings window in your account and click “Set as new iPhone”, in the next window click “Skip this step” and then follow the activation instructions. Access to the device you get.
    Setting up the iPhone in case of an authorization error

    If the computer can not be authorized, then in the window with the settings you need to select "Configure as a new iPhone"

    3. In the "Shop" menu in the upper left corner, please log in.

    Authorization via iTunes

    Pass authorization: in the upper left corner click "Store" and select the appropriate menu item

Invalid Apple ID

The signal to enter an invalid Apple ID along with the message that it cannot be used to unlock the device appears for two reasons:

  1. Initially, the device was activated with another Apple ID - this happens when you are not the first owner of the device. If the previous owner can not be contacted, but the check is preserved, you can contact Apple technical support and state the problem as closely as possible. If there are no documents on the purchase, you need to go to the specialists in the service center.
  2. Apple bug - it is especially common after iOS upgrade to version 9. Update iTunes to the latest version and try entering the data again.If it does not work out, call technical support or go to the service center.

Apple ID not found

This error occurs when you log in to the account, and its reason is simple - you forgot the exact login or password. In this situation, you can take the following actions:

  • try as a login all the e-mail addresses belonging to you - usually the identifier coincides with the email of the user;
  • on the Apple website, you can request a password if you are sure that your ID is correct. To do this, go to the section with the Apple ID and click there on the link to restore the information - you will need to enter your name with a name and email;
    Password recovery for Apple ID

    Apple ID password can be restored on Apple's official website

  • To remember an account, in iTunes running on your PC, click on any of the purchased applications. For example, select the "Details" item in the "Edit" menu in the "Media Library" and go to the "File" tab. There, in the sub-item "Purchased", the Apple ID from which the purchase was made will be indicated;
    Username in iTunes on PC

    To view the iTunes ID, look at any of the previously purchased apps

  • if you have other iOS devices and are logged into the Apple ID, then in the "Settings" menu on this device the top line will contain the user name.In addition, it can be viewed in the iTunes Store and AppStore sections or iCloud (in iOS 10.2 and earlier), as well as in FaceTime.
    Username in the iTunes Store

    To find out the Apple ID, just go to the settings: it is listed in the iTunes Store and AppStore section

Remember that it's optimal to use one Apple ID - it simplifies access to all applications and avoids confusion.

Apple ID failed to create

When creating an Apple ID, the system can also give errors - usually this happens due to the user's inattention. Here are a few reasons why an identifier might fail:

  • without entering credit card details, even if you plan to use only free content, you can not get an Apple ID.Do not also enter non-existent data - the system will necessarily perform a card check;
  • for the creation of Apple ID there are age limits: the user should not be less than 13 years old, and minors enter the register only with the consent of the parents. A full account is given from 18 years. If initially the age was less than 13 years when registering, then, after changing the date of birth, you will not be able to deceive the system. Here you will need to use the PC to create a new ID;
  • as addresses are not allowed on the servers and;
  • the username must not contain any prohibited characters, for example, Russian letters.In the name and surname there should be no dots and digits;
  • you need to consider all the requirements for the password. They are listed next to the field to enter it.

Video: How to create an Apple ID without errors

Sometimes the system gives a message that the maximum possible free Apple ID is already activated on this device - this happens when you are not the first owner of the device (more than three accounts on one device cannot be activated). If you have a computer with MacOS, you can activate your account from it. Otherwise, find out from friends or acquaintances the iOS device on which you activate your Apple ID.

This Apple ID is valid but is not an iCloud account.

This rather rare problem is manifested in two cases:

  1. Hacking ID. You need to call Apple technical support, call your IMEI (available in the iPhone or iPad settings) and answers to security questions that were entered when creating your account. You may also be asked about the applications that have been installed on the device, the activation dates, etc. - get ready for a lot of questions.
  2. Apple ID is valid, but either a new account or access to iCloud and other services was not activated through Apple devices.Most often, you can fix the situation by simply visiting iCloud for the first time using your iPhone, iPad or Mac. In the "Settings" menu, select iCloud and just enter your account information.
    Activate Apple ID in iCloud

    To activate the Apple ID in iCloud, you need to select the appropriate item in the settings and enter your account information

To prevent the account from hacking, it is desirable to enable two-factor authentication.

Disable Apple ID

If you received the message "Your Apple ID was disabled", it's unpleasant, but not deadly. Most likely, you violated some rules of using the identifier. Apple disconnects the account for several reasons:

  • problems with the card connected to your ID - there are suspicions that it does not belong to you, or there were other questions about payment data;
  • use of illegal code iTunes Gift Card for your Apple ID - sometimes it is generated by swindlers for promotion of competitions;
  • problems associated with information about the user, which was made during registration.
    Disable Apple ID

    Disabling Apple ID is usually due to a violation of the rules for its use

The easiest way to create a new Apple ID, but if too much data has been tied to the old identifier, then it must be restored. To do this, you will need to contact Apple technical support.You need to know the exact reason for disabling the account, fix it and re-activate the Apple ID.

With Russian-language support, you can contact 9 to 21 hours by phone on the official website of the company. There you can order a callback by filling out a special form, and start a chat with a specialist. If you know the English language - write a letter to the e-mail address listed on the site, and state your problem.

Contacting Apple Technical Support

On the official Apple website, you can order a call from a technical support specialist if you do not want to call yourself

In technical support you will be given the real reason for the trip and will suggest ways how to cancel it. At the worst outcome you will be informed that Apple ID is locked forever - then you will have to create a new ID.

Unfortunately, problems with the Apple ID do not allow you to freely use the applications installed on the iOS device, and generally bring a lot of inconvenience. Remember that hard rebooting with data reset is an extreme way out of the situation, most often errors with the Apple account can be solved in other ways.

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