How to fulfill your desires? Fulfillment of desires

Anyone would not refuse the "magic wand." This is perhaps the only thing in the world that unites people. It is a pity that politicians have not thought of this yet. Maybe the world would be better, cleaner. But the wonder-masters of various professions strive to explain to each other citizens how to fulfill their desires. What only is not in their recommendations: psychological trainings that tune in the right way, and magical rituals, prayers, and so on. And, strangely, it works! Let's deal with the tools offered as a "magic wand".

how to fulfill your desires

The beginning of the magic

Sources that spread knowledge about how to fulfill your desires, agree on one thing. It is necessary to set a goal correctly. Desire must come from the heart, and not be born of the mind. Some call it true goals. The test is simple: imagine the moment of the dream. Felt happy? So you're on the right track. Fulfillment of desires only seems difficult.In fact, this is a fun and joyful process. If we forget that we are inspired from childhood, that everything is achieved by work, then the desires will be fulfilled by themselves. Unfortunately, the correct perception of reality will have to work. We have a lot of harmful postulates in our heads. They also do not allow us to enjoy life. In the “conceived – implemented” process, incorrect statements (attitudes) insert obstacles, like sticks in wheels. The real wizard must get rid of them, piously believing that the whole world is just waiting for him to desire something. If you achieve that such installation will be the main in your world view, then the question of how to fulfill your desires will cease to exist for you.

What is allowed and what is forbidden

There is one more important point to be aware of. Desires are divided into good and bad. The latter are those that are harmful in the performance. For example, if you want to take revenge on the enemy, get someone else’s, or destroy something else you’ve created, don’t wait for the help of the Universe. She does not like aggressors. A good desire to the Higher Forces will certainly help to realize.These include all thoughts aimed at the development, creation. It is also important to emotionally color your thoughts. Desires that bring joy, usually the first in line for execution. They are overtaken only by those whose implementation will make many people happy. For example, there is a difference between the desire to buy a car and plant a garden. The first will delight you personally, maybe more friends and relatives. A flowering garden will give aesthetic pleasure to many people, not to mention the pleasure from its fruits. It turns out, thinking how to fulfill their desires, a person unwittingly becomes a creator, developing the Universe.

fulfillment of desires

Magical practices

Having defined the true desires, you can immediately begin to implement them. For this technique, a lot of invented. A simple test will help you choose the right one. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with a few, and then mentally “estimate” them for yourself. What are you experiencing? What are the sensations? If the information caused confusion or anger, then dismiss it immediately. It will not work. But you can try the amusing technique. The one that is interested must be used. And so on through the list.You say that you need to stay at one? Not at all. You want to become a wizard. So, you can be anything you like, happy, fun. For example, have you heard that every person has a wish-fulfilling stone? Don't you have one yet? So you need to urgently create it!

wish-fulfilling stone

About stone

Fulfillment of desires is possible only if you have spent a certain amount of energy on the process. In one case it is work, in the other - dreams. The universe doesn’t care how you will pay for your dream. She needs a man to give something away. Moreover, it is preferable for her not money, but thoughts and feelings. At times all the chances of peace fall upon the positive dreamers, which is envied by pessimistic realists engaged in continuous productive work. Stone is the point that will force you to spend energy in the right direction. It is recommended to choose a mineral, starting from the sign of the zodiac. Although it does not matter. Let it be even cobblestone, if only you believe that he will do whatever you want. It is necessary to communicate with a stone regularly by painting your dream in all
paints. He needs to transfer his energy. After a while it will work.In fact, you will get used to it, and its appearance will push you to spend energy on a dream, which sooner or later will lead to its realization. That's the whole secret!

About prayers

Long since there is another way to achieve your goals. Now he is known as a prayer that fulfills desires. In fact, this is still the same positive, optimistic concentration. In Transurfing reality, the process is described as the ability to stop the flow of thoughts, which is actually a waste of energy. As soon as it turns out, the accumulation of “assets” instantly begins, as in the economy. They are not spent on empty things, but add up to be spent on what is really important. Prayer is another way to stop the running of thoughts in your head, to clear the mind. Moreover, a special state of the energetics of a person conducting a conversation with the Lord has been proved. Prayer is recommended to make their own, in your own words. Start with “Our Father” to tune in, and then say what you truly desire. Working!

good wish

How to fulfill any desire

There is one “terrible secret” whose knowledge makes a person omnipotent. Its creators reveal a little Simoron.For any wish to be fulfilled, it is necessary to forget about it! It turns out that this is the surest method to which many people intuitively come. Need to wish with special pleasure and taste. Dream with full dedication, the intensity of emotions. Spin the reel of your dreams to the fullest, and then forget about everything. Then your dream will rush to you through worlds and spaces. The fact is that sometimes people themselves postpone the desired moment. With their doubts or excessive requests they “confuse” the Universe, on which the approach of a dream depends. That person passionately wants something, then suddenly begins to fear, then - get angry, and so on. Naturally, everything happens at the level of emotions. And the Higher Forces take everything at face value. They begin to prepare for the realization of desire, suddenly they receive a stop signal (doubt). What should they do? After all, they strive to make a person happy. It's not their fault that seven Fridays of the week.

About perfume

Do you know how our distant ancestors reasoned? They believed that all objects and phenomena are endowed with a soul. Maybe not quite human, but quite accommodating. According to them, with a thunderstorm, for example, or the river could be an agreement. From here comes the legend that there are spirits that fulfill desires.How to contact them? It is necessary to perform a special ritual. For example, you can spend a seance. You will need a saucer and a circle with letters. The company sits around the table on which the "magic" attributes are set. Everyone touches the fingertips to the saucer. Then make a wish. The saucer moves and shows the response of spirits. And you can directly contact them. Write what your thoughts now occupy, and place a piece of paper in a dead classic's book. At the same time ask him to assist in the performance of the desired. He will answer necessarily. Sometimes in a dream. And it happens that through a quote from his work. Try, often, incredible things happen.

wish-giving spirits

help yourself

Many experts say that no one but the person himself can cope with the fulfillment of desires. They recommend not to waste energy on contacts with spirits or gnomes, but to get down to business based on scientific principles. For this you need to create a positive attitude for yourself. The wish-fulfilling mantra will help in this matter. For example, you want to get right. Imagine that you already have driving skills, drive around, like ace, across the expanses of the motherland.Now sing the following mantra: Aum Khrim Stream Hum Ptah. In total it is necessary to repeat the set of sounds one hundred eight times. Exercise is recommended to repeat every day. It is said to act best at dawn. Sit on the ground, look at the star and sing, presenting the final result.

prayer that fulfills desires

Body language to help the performer of their desires

On the energy and magical creatures practice magicians do not stop. They believe that it is possible to create an order for the Universe to fulfill desire with the help of hands. That is, fingers intertwine in a certain way, which is a sign for the Universe that you have a request. This practice is called “wise, wish-fulfilling.” This is the Indian experience. It is recommended to practice after cleansing the body. The exercise itself does not require special preparation. You need to sit down with your back straight. Hands a little to the side, bent at the elbows. The fingers on the hands are arranged as follows: the index finger, the big one and the middle one are connected, and the little finger and the ring finger are pressed to the palms. Say out loud three times what you want, without using negative particles "not" and the word "I want." Sit in this position for about fifteen minutes. Breathe calmly and measuredly.Present how you will be happy from realization of the conceived. Mudra aims to realize material desires. In addition, it allows you to improve your health, clear your mind.

About genie

Very positive people, real eccentrics, firmly believe that their concerns can be shifted to entities from another world. These include, for example, genies. Remember the tale of the magic lamp? So, some sources argue that such a focus can be done now. If you are interested in how to call a gin, wish-fulfilling, here is the recipe. Buy a beautiful oriental vase (if not at home). Wait for the night. Spread a red mat on the to fulfill any desireLight the candles. Place the vase on the red cloth. Rub it with the palm of your hand and say: “I call the jinn, I breathe the power into him! I give the order to Jinna, thank you in gold! Velu (specifically describe what you want)! Said to be! ”The spirit of the lamp must pay for services. To do this, it is recommended to give alms or treat children in the courtyard with sweets. That is, do something good, pleasant for other people.

wish-fulfilling mantra

Do you believe in jinn and spirits

This is a very important question. The fact is that the fulfillment of desires completely depends not on external forces, but on the correctness of the “request”. If you are positive, happy, harmonious, then believe in anyone.The universe is on the side of people giving birth to positive energies. With such will necessarily communicate and non-existent for other gnomes or jinn. The point is not whether a dwarf with a beard will come to you, but in the energy sector, which aims to make the flow of your happiness endless. This is probably worth believing. This is a fact that has not yet been proved by science, but is supported by a multitude of testimonies from harmonious people living quietly on the planet. It is a pity that stories about them rarely fall into the media space. Who, according to those who build it, are interesting boring lucky ones?

How to prohibit the desire to be executed

When people seek to change their lives, they are confronted with characteristic mistakes. Naturally, in addition to the general, each also makes their own. But they will have to fight on their own. But on the common rake you can and not attack, having familiarized with their signs. The first mistake is the use of the particle “not” in formulating desires. The fact is that the Universe is like a little child. It is so arranged that the subtleties of our negatives cannot be understood. For her, that “I want,” that “I don't want.” That is, the meaning underlined by this negative particle, it does not see.As a result, you get exactly what you wanted to avoid. That is, if you ask her to "prevent" an accident, then get ready for a collision in which you will be the main actor. The second mistake is to make doubts. If the order is made, then do not cancel it with negative thoughts. You are confusing the universe. Wish and give her time to implement.

A small "crutch" for beginners wizards

Immediately everything rarely works. If it is difficult for you to stop or control thoughts, to tune in a positive way, then it is recommended to remember what exactly helped you to come in high spirits earlier. It can be music or film, a book or a picture. They say girls help diamonds. Take note of your own mood elevation factor and use it without hesitation. And over time, your faith in your own magical abilities will grow stronger. Everything will be much easier. Good luck!

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