How to get a visa to Hungary - step by step instructions

The desire to travel is sometimes broken by obstacles. How to overcome them?

Schengen visa to HungaryHungary attracts tourists with healing springs and historical sights, magnificent nature and famous baths, original cuisine and famous wines. The flow of tourists to one of the prosperous countries of Europe is increasing every year.

Do I need a visa to Hungary for the Russians?

There are many people who want to visit a developed European country, and most of them are interested in the following question: "What are the rules of entry into Hungary?". In the past, this is part of the former socialist camp, and now it is a developed European country that is included in the list of states of the Schengen Agreement, which can only be visited with a visa. Getting permission to enter the Republic of Hungary is easier than in another European country, so you can count on loyalty to the Russians at the embassy.
Visa to HungarySchengen visa to Hungary is most often issued by visa agencies,presented at the embassy, ​​but many Russians are interested: “How to get this document yourself? Is it possible at all? Without a doubt, this is real, although more difficult than with the assistance of the agency.

Where to turn in the first place?

Economical tourist can rely on their own strength in the paperwork. But this will require knowledge and more time.
To reduce the time, you must immediately contact the consulate of the Embassy of Hungary.

To get started is to contact the consulate representatives by phone. Then, the date of admission is determined, a standard form is filled in by itself, located on the official website of the Hungarian embassy. With a ready package of documents at the appointed time, you can arrive at the reception.

In order not to waste time, you should take into account the schedule of reception of citizens on these issues.


Reception of documents

Issuance of ready visas

Days of the week

Time of receipt

Days of the week

Time of receipt

Moscow, Consular Section of the Hungarian Embassy









Thursday Friday


St. Petersburg, Consulate General








Thursday Friday


Yekaterinburg, Consulate General











It is necessary to think in advance about the list of questions that should be asked during a consultative conversation.

Types of visas, their duration

The purpose of the visit to the country is clearly formulated and the terms of stay there are indicated so that when considering the documents at the consulate it is taken into account, and later there is no misunderstanding during the paperwork.



Length of stay


Transit, such a visa involves staying in the airport zone for departure to another country. The tourist has no right to leave the boundaries of the airport.

Not more than 24 hours


Short-term, involves business or tourist trips, related meetings, medical rehabilitation, the purpose of which is not to work with income in Hungary.

Calculation according to the formula: 48 hours before the trip + the stated number of days of stay in the country + 15 days - after its termination.


Repeated long-term, business multivisa.

Over 90 days.

With an annual Schengen visa, the applicant may receive a new multi-entry visa.

Till 2 years.


It assumes weighty circumstances for its receipt.Issued in 3 days.

It is agreed depending on the category provided.

Visa to Hungary? Independently arrange quite real!

We'll have to work hard to collect references and documents.

Visa to Hungary alone

List of required documents:

• a valid passport with a photocopy of all pages;
• a canceled passport (if any) for which a Schengen visa was previously issued;
• photocopy of the pages of the passport of the Russian Federation;
• color photo (where 80% is occupied by the face) of 3.5 x 4.5 cm in size - 1 pc .;
• downloaded from the official website of the embassy and filled out according to all the rules of the application form with the attached photo and signature;
• confirmation of the booked place at the hotel or a tourist voucher, and for a friendly (related) visit - the original invitation letter, compiled properly;
• an insurance policy covering up to € 30,000 of estimated costs;
• a certificate of income, which specifies the dates of leave provided while maintaining the workplace for the applicant;
• photocopies of air or train / train tickets (including the return journey) / confirmation of reservation for tickets / driver’s license and documents for their own vehicles, internationally accepted motor insurance policy;
• confirmation of financial solvency, which implies spending in Hungary at least € 50 per day, or an extract from the bank about the funds available in the required amount for the trip.

Additional documents

Non-working Russians at the consulate will be recommended to submit additional certificates and documents confirming their material viability, and special attention will be paid to the purpose of the visit.
Getting a visa to HungaryPensioners need to add a copy of the pension certificate to the list of documents.

For schoolchildren and students: original + photocopy of passport or birth certificate; a document from the school + photocopy; a letter from the sponsor, organizing the trip, his photocopy of the passport, certificate of income; questionnaire filled out by parents / guardian; when a child is sent with one of the parents, a notarial confirmation of the second parent's permission to travel abroad is presented.

Features of urgent and transit visas

Reducing the list of documents is possible when you make an urgent exit from the country, but this requires confirmation of the seriousness of the grounds for this.Usually an urgent visa to Hungary for Russians is issued within three days. Representatives of the consulate are contacted by telephone, they agree on the time of reception due to urgent circumstances, stating their essence. It is advisable to document the reason for the urgent Schengen visa to Hungary. The applicant must be very persuasive and firmly argue his desire to immediately enter the country, otherwise he will be refused. Visa-free travel through Hungary involves a transfer only at the Budapest airport, a stay in which will not exceed 24 hours, and check-in baggage for the next flight.

At the transit crossing of Hungary, involving flights through several countries, there are requirements for residents of Russia for which a transfer at the airport requires a transit visa. You must have copies of all tickets for the proposed route.

Consular fee

Obtaining a visa to Hungary with self-registration significantly reduces costs. The fee for a visa category "C" will cost 35 €. An urgent visa implies a double tariff in the consular service - 70 €. Paperwork for a long-term Schengen visa will be 60 €.

When applying for a visa for a group of children over 5 people, discounts are provided at the consulate. Therefore, trips to Hungary are popular with schoolchildren and their parents. If a minor under 14 years of age is entered in the parent's passport, then the visa is free.
Visa to Hungary for RussiansTiming of registration depends on the long-term visa. Thus, a visa category "A" / "C" is issued up to 10 days, category "D" - up to 60 days. With a double consular fee, it is possible to obtain a Schengen visa to Hungary for 1-3 days, but with full compliance of all the collected documents. Decorated visa to Hungary on their own and in a short time - this is a real savings, which will be useful in the trip.

Why can refuse a visa?

Although the Russians in the Hungarian consulate and loyalty, but they can deny the visa to the applicant.

Do I need a visa to Hungary?The reason for the refusal is a violation of the law in countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement, and, possibly, inaccurate information submitted for the execution of documents. Very often, the reason for refusal in the consulate are taken and outstanding loans from banks. Refusal to issue an urgent visa is often due to the unconvincingly stated reasons why the applicant intends to go to Hungary.But do not despair! Documents are collected again according to the requirements of the consular service, the consular fee is paid and a response is expected within the time limits provided for by the law. The presence of a Schengen visa to Hungary gives you the opportunity to visit a country with a unique culture in which you can work and study productively, enjoying the thermal springs and healing mineral waters all year round.

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