How to get rid of pigment spots on the face?

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How to get rid of pigment spots on the face?

Clean skin is a sign of health and,of course, beauty. Pigmented spots do not often spoil the appearance of the skin on the face. Many women pay much attention to this, especially in the summer, when unwanted freckles and other pigmentation appear on the face due to sun rays.

In general, a small amount of pigment spotsis the cause of the alarm, but if you have not had them before, but now appear in large numbers, immediately consult the clinic to determine the cause of their occurrence.

Types of pigment spots and the causes of their appearance

Pigmented spots are most often found in women. Their shape and color can be very diverse: there are large and small spots, both light and dark brown in color.

To remove pigment spots, you need to determine the type of pigmentation and the cause of its appearance. So, we can distinguish:

  • Generic pigmentation spots occur in people since birth.
  • Age-related pigmentation spots. They affect the facial skin in adulthood, can signal the hidden processes of the disease in the human body or the malfunction of the thyroid gland.
  • Spots that appear due to sunlight (freckles).
  • Spots that appear due to pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance, they are called Chloasma.
  • Old age spots, which are called Lentigo.
  • Spots that appear after taking some medicines.

The causes of the appearance of age spots isTo reveal only the dermatologist, instead of the cosmetician as some women consider. If you were diagnosed with benign pigmentation spots, there is no cause for concern - they do not carry any threat in themselves. It is enough only to undergo a course of treatment, which will appoint a qualified specialist and forget about this lack of skin forever. Now we will tell you what methods of treatment exist in traditional and alternative medicine.

To find out about the reasons for the appearance of spots on the face, you can ask for information on the article What stains on the face.

Treatment in beauty salons

In clinics of cosmetology and beauty salons youwill offer a huge list of programs aimed at removing pigmented spots. A very effective and quick way to get rid of pigmentation on the face is laser, mesotherapy, chemical peeling, phototherapy, laser skin resurfacing.


Mesotherapy is suitable even for pregnant women. It is completely harmless. The most often prescribed course, which consists in introducing a special substance under the skin, which discolours the blemishes, makes the skin smooth and beautiful.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is an effective tool,but after it takes some time for the skin to recover. Since this method is to clean the upper stratum corneum of the skin with chemicals. The procedure is completely painless.

Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is quite effective, buthas a number of contraindications, therefore it is not used often. The procedure is to immediately evaporate the upper layer of the skin under the influence of high temperatures. This grinding is completely painless, after it the patient does not need a rehabilitation process.


Phototherapy is the most sparing of all procedures. To derive superficial pigment spots, several procedures are sufficient, which are based on the action of a beam of a powerful light pulse. After phototherapy, redness of the skin is possible, but not for a long time.

How to get rid of pigmentation folk remedies

In addition to the costly procedures that are availablefar from everyone, there are very effective folk remedies for combating pigment spots. So, now we will talk about the most popular and available ways of treating pigmentation at home.

  • It is very useful to wash with kefir or yogurt. If you do this regularly, you can whiten the skin well on your face.
  • You can make facial masks from cucumber or lemon. To do this, they need to cut into circles and put on face for 5-10 minutes, then wash with cool water. Lemon juice perfectly brightens any pigmentation spots, including a good remedy for freckles.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also capable of ridding the facefrom unwanted pigmentation spots. In the morning and in the evening, wipe the skin, stained with a swab of cotton wool soaked in peroxide. Then wash with water.
  • An excellent remedy is fresh parsley. Just make a mask of green juice for 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week. To do this, pass the parsley through the meat grinder and squeeze the juice with gauze. This procedure is available to everyone at home and gives an excellent result. You can also freeze the parsley juice in ice cubes and wipe them face every morning.

The owner of a light skin with a predisposition tothe appearance of age spots and freckles is advised to apply in the summer sunscreen with a level of protection from 15 PF. Performing these not complicated procedures, you can significantly improve your skin condition on the face. And so that you no longer have problems with pigment spots, we advise you to turn to the article How to get rid of pigment spots.

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