How to get to Prague from Bratislava

The route from the Slovak capital to the Czechoften found in search queries from the "how to get" series. Bratislava - Prague is a popular destination. After all, these are the two capitals of the former united country - Czechoslovakia. Especially since Bratislava is a unique city of its kind. It is small, but is close to other European capitals. Plane tickets to Bratislava have recently become more than affordable. There flies a subsidiary of Aeroflot - "Victory". The road will cost only 100 euros round trip. It remains only to find out how quick and profitable it is to get from the required point A to point B. There are many options.

how to get bratislava prague

Buses between Bratislava and Prague

If your route is Bratislava - Prague, how to get the best?There are several options. But the most profitable is by bus. This trip will be comfortable and inexpensive. Buses here are modern, equipped with free Wi-Fi, rosettes next to each place, a toilet, comfortable seats. You can buy a ticket in advance on the Internet, by writing your information into the form on the website and paying for the trip with a card and at the ticket offices of bus stations. And also directly from the driver. However, in this case, to enter the bus by the rules will be allowed only after those who bought the ticket in advance. This is fraught with the fact that there may not be places, although this happens very rarely.

There is a bus from Prague to Bratislava and vice versaonly 13 euros. The trip takes 4 hours and 15 minutes. True, you still need to get to the bus station of the Slovak capital. This will take 1 hour. The route starts at the central station of Bratislava, and ends at the Florenc station in Prague. Four buses run between cities every day.

From Prague to Bratislava

There is another interesting option, liketo get from Bratislava to Prague. It's to get to Vienna, and from there you change to a train or a bus to the Czech capital. In contrast to the Slovak lines, the Austrian airlines make flights almost every half hour. The direction of Vienna - Prague is extremely popular. Carriers on this route work the following: Regio Jet (costs only 15 euros), Radina VIP (17), EuroLines (22) and MeinFernbus (26). The first bus leaves at night, at 3:30, and the last leaves at midnight.

By the way, trains from the Austrian capital to the Czech capital also travel frequently - 8 times a day. However, they will cost more - from 44 to 100 euros.

As to how to get to Vienna, thenA large number of buses regularly run between the capitals of Slovakia and Austria. They walk every two hours and stop right outside the airport building in Bratislava. The cost is from 5 to 10 euros. Travel time is only an hour with a little.

Train from Bratislava to Prague

Every day, about every two hours, from the mainthe train station of the Slovak capital goes to the Czech Republic. Travel on it will cost 28 euros and will last about four hours. This is one of the most accessible options for getting from Bratislava to Prague.

how to get from bratislava to prague

There is also an overnight train to Prague, but hegoes a little longer, up to seven hours. This is the main rule of all European railways: trains do not go less than six hours, so people can get some sleep, because it's a night trip.

How to get from Bratislava to Prague by plane

Airliner is the fastest mode of transport. However, in order to get from the capital of Slovakia to the capital of the Czech Republic, passengers will need from 3 to 12 hours. Czech Airlines operate between these cities only twice a day, so you may have to wait.

bratislava prague how to get best

It is not difficult to get to Bratislava airport. It is located only 8 kilometers from the central part of the city. From the outskirts you can walk there.

The trip will cost about 50 euros one way.


There is another advantageous and convenient option,how to get there. Bratislava - Prague is a rather popular route for taxi drivers. Wait for the ordered car will not more than half an hour. As a rule, not even more than 15 minutes. Will take passengers from the designated point. You do not need to go to the airport or train station. Rates start at 250 euros per car. This is a good option for those who travel by family or just a group of friends / colleagues. Four people will pay only 50 with a small euro for each move. The journey time is only 3.5 hours. And passengers will be delivered, as they say, right up to the gate. Take a mini bus is even more profitable. It's much more comfortable to ride on it than on a car. It will not cost much more than a taxi - 320 euros. At the same time, the capacity of the mini bus is much larger. The trip can cost 30 euros each.

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