How to grow ginger?

We often see and buy in the stores the rootginger. Many people like its taste of the island, but its usefulness can be told for a long time. But very few people know what a plant called ginger looks like. This curiosity, as well as the desire to get your own, environmentally friendly harvest, generates a desire to learn how to grow ginger at home.

How to grow ginger on a windowsill

Selection of planting material. It is worth to buy a fresh root of this plant with noticeable buds, it should be smooth and dense to the touch, do not contain on its surface a large number of fibers. You can also hold the root of ginger in water for 2-3 hours before planting.


Ginger should be planted in early spring, sinceThe time of its full maturing is about 8 months, that is, having planted the root in March, the harvest will be taken in November. For planting, you need to find a wide and shallow pot with good drainage so that planted ginger does not rot from excess moisture. The earth is suitable for the most common, for growing vegetables. We lay the root with the kidneys upwards, lightly sprinkle the earth a few centimeters. Do not put it too deep.

Watering and care

Ginger requires good watering and sufficientthe amount of light, since his homeland is tropical forests, but it is worth avoiding open rays and drafts. It is also necessary to spray the plant daily, especially if it is on a window sill next to a central heating battery.

How to grow ginger in the country

In the summer you can and even need to take it out on the street,Still in the fresh air plants grow better than on the windowsill. But it's worth to be attentive to the weather, do not forget that ginger - the plant is tropical, and therefore the temperature on the street should be as warm as summer. So, if you want to grow ginger in a dacha somewhere closer to Siberia, then you should not do this.

Do not despair if the sprouts do not appear for a long time,they need about two months to do this. In appearance the plant itself will resemble reeds, it can also blossom, but the flowers appear only after two years. Grow ginger can up to a meter in height. You can also feed the plant by adding fertilizers.


In autumn ginger fades, stems and leaves dry up. A period of rest for the plant begins. At this time, the root can be excavated or left for the next year, after removing the pot in a dark place (in the pantry, for example), you do not need to water it at this time, and in the spring you can again put it in the sun. In this case, your exotic flower will give even more fruits, that is, roots.

Digging and sampling his own grownginger, you will get a lot of fun and as much good. And ginger, as is known, is extremely useful: it improves appetite, activates digestion, eliminates dizziness and nausea. It can be added as a seasoning to meat and to a bird, to make tea from it, and eastern cuisine is generally inconceivable without ginger. So grow and eat ginger for good health.

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