How to insert the door?

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How to insert the door?

Insert the door is quite possible on their own, if you follow all the rules. The principles of installation of interior and exterior doors will be described in detail below.

Installation of interior doors

Immediately, we note that before you insert the door, you need to “sustain” it at home for about 5 days. This will allow the wood to adapt to the climatic conditions that exist in the room.

As for the necessary tools for the work, then for the most effective work you will need:

  • A hammer;
  • Chisel;
  • Circular saw with a turntable (with it you will face the door frame blanks). Instead, you can use a hacksaw, but it will be just as difficult to make it beautiful.


  1. Check the height and width of the openings.
  2. Take the laser level to analyze the floor height difference on each side of the doorway. Take into account the data obtained in the manufacture of door frames.
  3. Measure the hinge on the door and make the appropriate marks on the slats of the future box.Insert the hinges into the slats.
  4. Make in each strip sweat for screws, with which we will fix the box to the doorway, from the hinge side. Hole correctly perform in the middle of the longitudinal and transverse axes. For the upper loop, it will be slightly lower, and for the lower loop - slightly higher. This will allow the box to sit in the opening as smoothly as possible. In depth, the sweat should be such that it does not interfere with the subsequent installation of loops. After that, you will need to do the same in places where we will fasten the elements of the box to each other (at a 90-degree angle to the cut).
  5. Twist all the elements of the box together.
  6. Put the box in the doorway.
  7. Using a laser level, check the vertical position of the box on the hinge side.
  8. With the help of a saw, make wedges - they will be needed in order to secure the door to the level. Insert the wedges in the places where we will fix the box to the walls. Plus, these elements will be needed in both upper corners of the box.
  9. Check the vertical level again.
  10. Secure the box through the sweat in the hinge places.
  11. Check the horizontal positioning - if you consider the unevenness of the floor, then the axis will be calibrated.
  12. Partially lock the space between the box and the wall in small portions.


  1. Slam the hinges and latch into the door.
  2. When the slug mounting foam hardens, you can proceed to fixing the door in the box.
  3. Under the door, put something to stop and twist the top hinges, and then the bottom.
  4. Check the level of the axis.
  5. Align the mock portion of the box to the door.
  6. Make a snap cut on the door frame. At this point, lay a wedge and connect the box with the wall with fastening screws.
  7. Assemble and insert the door handles.
  8. Cover the remaining cavities with foam between the box and the wall.
  9. Cut the dried foam in places where it is too much.
  10. Take measurements and install additional boards.
  11. After the foam is completely dry, it will be necessary to trim it, plaster and level the wall sections adjacent to the door, paint them or glue them with wallpaper and then attach the backing panels.

External door installation


  • Perforator.
  • If mounting ears are included with the door, then you will need a welding machine to weld them to the box.
  • Level.


  1. Measure the opening, making sure the door enters it.
  2. Using a punch, remove the old plaster, putty (up to concrete / brick), preparing a place for a new door.
  3. Weld mounting ears (if required).
  4. Insert the box into the doorway and use the level to check how level your vertical axes are. First check the loop side, then the side on the outside of the frames. Consider the data obtained when installing the box.
  5. Begin mounting from the lowest point on the hinge side. Through the hole of the mounting ear or through special holes for installation in the box itself, drill a hole in the wall with a perforator.
  6. Throw a piece of reinforcement 150 mm long into the hole with a sledge hammer. Not to the end, so as not to damage the box! Using the same punch in slotting mode, gently push the pin deeper. Weld the fittings to the mounting ear.
  7. Recheck the vertical.
  8. Now make a hole in the same way at the top. This time with a sledgehammer, push the reinforcement to the end. Weld.
  9. Hang the door on the hinges. Check the level.
  10. By analogy with the first side, drill holes, insert the reinforcement and do the welding on the opposite side, finally securing the door.
  11. Apply seal contour.
  12. Adjust the cam.
  13. Unpack the trim. The upper part will need to be sawed off, if it is given with a margin.
  14. Screw the trim to the box.
  15. Close the gap between the wall and the duct with foam.
  16. Insert handles and locks.

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