How to install software on iPhone?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
December 27, 2012
How to install software on iPhone?

Devices from Apple contain a number of standard programs. But this set does not suit anyone. Therefore, all owners of such gadgets need to know how to install software on the iPhone and iPad. This will maximize the full potential of your purchase. This is actually achieved using various software, among which there is a lot of free software. With the help of such programs you can significantly expand the capabilities of devices.

iPhones and iPads have one Apple iOS operating system. Accordingly, the same methods of installing programs on these devices are applicable. In addition, using the App Store software, it is possible to upload both devices with one account. Consider the scheme of downloading software on Apple mobile devices.

Installation via computer

Consider how to install programs on the iPhone using a personal computer. This is done using the iTunes application.

  • Run it.
  • We are going through the authorization process on the App Store through a computer.
  • For starters, it is better to download any free application. This will help avoid credit card problems. And after the Apple ID is created, you can purchase paid applications.
  • When the download is complete, the downloaded software will appear in the tabs in the "Programs" section. After that we connect the mobile device to the computer.
  • iTunes recognizes it and then click "Sync."
  • After completing this process, the application will be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Installing directly from the App Store

  • After starting the App Store in the case of the first visit, you must pass authorization.
  • We decide on the necessary application and the way to load it.
  • After the download is complete, the software is ready for use on your mobile device.

Remember that if you want to install unofficial software, this can shorten the life of your gadget. It is better to refuse such actions.

The scheme to remove applications from the iPhone

To remove an unnecessary application, you must click on it and hold until a cross appears in the upper corner.Click on it and confirm the deletion by rating it. Preinstalled, that is, applications that go directly to the mobile device, are not deleted.

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