How to jump in the "rezinochku"? How to jump in the "rezinochku": "desyatochki"

Asking modern children if they know how to jump in the rubber, you can often see bewilderment on their faces. But before this game was incredibly popular. The name she gave the most ordinary underwear gum. They played not only three, but even whole teams. And some girls managed to jump alone and tied the gum between two trees.

how to jump in the rezinochku

Favorite game of our childhood

Particularly popular came at the end of the 80s of the twentieth century. Almost all schoolgirls knew how to jump in the rubber. They played at recess, in the courtyards after school, at home - wherever there was enough space.

The boys sometimes also jumped. But since this was much worse for them, they preferred to spy on girls who manage to deftly overcome all the complexities of this fun. Why complexity? At this stage, we will not climb into the jungle and discuss the rules of the game (let's talk about this a bit later), we only note that the schoolgirls wore a dress ...Had to hold the hem of the form, because of what coordination was broken. Therefore, jumping was not very convenient.

Well, after the lessons the “experienced” players were already in full “alert”. The girls knew how to jump in the rubber so that it was convenient. They donned shorts or breeches to play at high levels, tied up their hair or braided them, put on shoes without buckles and bows. Otherwise, these elements are constantly clinging to the gum. Some girls jumped barefoot.

However, half the battle - to know the rules. Not everyone could jump in rezinochki. The main problem was, it would seem, a mere trifle. Find a long gum was very difficult. Sometimes it was even collected piece by piece, linking several old and good parts together. The length of the "inventory" must be at least three meters, otherwise the "holding" often suffered from accidental kicks with a jumping foot.

how to jump through the rubber band

Principle of play

So what is the essence of this entertainment? For the game, two girls tie a rubber band, stand opposite each other, put it on their feet at the level of the ankles so that it will stretch well.As a result, the distance between the "holding" is about two meters. The third player jumps. The most important thing - do not "zonit" when playing. So called a variety of misfires - entanglement in the rubber band, an incorrectly executed movement, a hook, or the so-called slip. “Zaryonivshaya” girl changes places with one of the “holding”. And so it goes on in turn.

rules to jump into rezinochki

How to jump through the rezinochku on levels

It is most convenient to play with low "holding". This is not surprising, as jumping through the rubber through the levels will be much easier. What does it mean?

At the first level, the gum is on the ankles of girls, on the second - on the calves, on the third - on the knees, on the fourth - on the buttocks. This is followed by more complex tasks. The fifth level involves moving the elastic to the waist, the sixth - under the shoulder blades. Well, and the last - the seventh - is simply unfeasible! Even the best jumper will not be able to “master” the gum stretched at the level of the “holding” ears.

Foot positions

There are other options for the game. Different positions of legs, multiplication by two, by three, etc. When performing each exercise, they allow to diversify the usual jumps a little."Carrot", "river", "path" - all these positions are painfully familiar to experienced players. What is it?

In the “carrot” position, one of the girls holds the gum with only one foot. Thus, it turns out a triangle that looks like a carrot.

In the “river” position, the “holding” legs are placed as wide as possible, while at the “path”, on the contrary, they are shifted.

"Klondike" complicates the game even more. In this case, one "holding" lifts the gum to the knees, the second - leaves her at the level of the ankles, and the jumping girl performs the exercises, being to the first back.

how to jump in dozhetochki

From "desyatochek" to "exam"

And now in more detail. How to jump in the rezinochku? "Desyatochki" - the first exercise. There are two options for its implementation. In the first, both legs are to the left of the gum. Then the player jumps into the middle and jumps to the right. And so ten times here and there. One "vpyryg" in the middle is considered one "ten".

The second method differs only in that the left leg is in the initial position on the left, and the right leg is inside. This option is a little easier. It is necessary to jump so that the right foot is on the right and the left inside. Then - on the contrary. And so again ten times.

This is followed by "devyatochki."At the same time both legs are put on one of the rubber bands. The girl must turn during the jump so that again to be on her on two legs. Perform the exercise nine times.

After the "nines", respectively, are the "eights". One leg is on one gum, the second - on the other. Exercise is like skiing. Runs eight times.

"Sevens": you need to put both legs to the left. In doing the exercise, the right one must pick up the left gum and pull it to the right, standing with the left foot behind the right side.

For the "sevens" begins the game of "six". First you need to jump three times with both feet on one elastic band, then the same amount - on the second.

as previously jumped into the rubber bandWhen performing "pyatocherochek" will have to be extremely attentive. The left foot should be on the left side of the elastic, and the right one in the middle. And then jump. At the same time, it is necessary to turn so that with two legs you can stand on the part that was between them. This is followed by a jump that returns the girl to its original position.

For the "fives" - "fours". Both legs are placed behind rubber bands, after which you must jump in and out.

"Three" is the easiest exercise.To perform it, you only need to step three times on the gum with your right foot.

"Twos" was originally made, like sevens - on the right. Then in the same way, but with the left foot. At the end of the exercise you need to jump, lifting your legs, and land on each of the gum.

"Odnushki" - a difficult task. For starters, both legs should be left of the gum. After that they step on the center in turn. Then the right foot steps to the right of the gum. After that comes back inside. Then with both feet you need to jump over the gum, for this - on them, and jump.

And, finally, the turn comes to "zero". The right leg should stand inside the gum, then to the near part, then return to its original position. Then it all starts over. Only the level rises or the position of the legs changes.

What is an "exam"?

How to jump in the rubber is extremely clear. It remains only to deal with the fact that such an "exam". He surrenders after every jumped "zeros".

First you need to put the right leg between the rubber bands. Then - remove. Next, the girl needs to jump on one of the gum and jump, turning. After that - on both. We jump again.Gum clings foot and placed on the right. Then removed. Then another jump on one gum, turn and the following exercises:

  1. Left foot on the left, right in the middle; jump to the left gum.
  2. Repeat and jump off.
  3. The right leg on the near elastic band, after which it is removed.
  4. Performing "twos", "odnushek" and "zeros".

“Zaroniv” on a regular game, you have to start with the exercise, which was a misfire. If this happened on the "exam", it will have to start again.

Learning how they used to jump in the rubber, how it was fun and entertaining, modern girls could easily renew this old tradition.

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