How to lay out the cards?

Today, books and various fortune-telling aids,who will teach and explain to anyone who wants to, how to lay out maps, a great many, but really true and, one can even say, talented fortune-tellers, alas, a few. After all, in order to master the card "business", it is not enough just to know the meaning of each card.

Rules for guessing on maps

For centuries, people involved in thisuneasy craft, have developed certain rules of fortune telling on maps, and every professional fortuneteller should know them. First, the very process of divination must be taken very seriously. Secondly, you should not make a deal too often and ask the cards the same question. Thirdly, one should not resort to the help of such fortune tellers, who not only promise to predict the future, but also to change the unfavorable course of events. Fourth, do not take fortune-telling as a sentence. Fifth, I do not need to say thank you for guessing.

It is believed that what you said in response to divinationthanks, can scare your luck and success. And, finally, from time immemorial it was decided to "gild" a pen to a fortuneteller. But the next important rule applies not to the most predictive, but directly to the prophetess of your destiny, and warns it: do not specify the cost for your fortune telling.

A short instruction on how to unfold maps

Before making a card deal, toFor example, for love, the deck of cards must be carefully mixed. And only after this you can proceed to the very layout. Now we take the deck in our hands and take out the cards with our left hand towards us. We think about the question, the answer to which we want to get as a result of divination.

We place the cards in a fan, then remove them from the decknine cards. The meaning of each map of the layout look in a special book or the Internet, where there are also tips and recommendations on how to properly decompose the cards and interpret the resulting layout.

Fortune telling on Tarot cards

But, perhaps, the most popular, accurate and famouswas, is and will be a fortune-telling on the Tarot cards. In order to correctly decompose the tarot cards, and eventually find out what the future work week will be for you, you will need to remove seven cards from the deck.

To learn the meaning of Tarot cards is not difficult, enoughwill refer to the World Wide Web or to a special manual. Here is detailed information on each of the thirty-six Tarot cards. Yes, and after that, do not forget to remove one more card from the deck, it is the key card that determines. This is the only way out, which gives a generalized forecast of your future. If you are interested in a specific question, then it is best for you to use another approach on the Tarot cards, especially since they are known to many.

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