How to learn to control your dreams

Remember the movie "The Beginning"? An interesting theory there was about managed dreams. Almost like virtual reality.
However, there is such a topic! It has been proved that lucid dreams are a rare and hard-to-reach phenomenon, like many fantastic tricks performed, as it seems, with the help of one fortitude. Phenomenon tried to study many times, but without much success.
However, during the new study, scientists discovered several techniques that, when used together, can give you a 17 percent chance to see a lucid dream. Not a very impressive figure, but without the use of methods you will not get it.
So, here it is, this triple technique:
Testing reality: several times a day, check how real the world around you is in order to understand whether you are asleep (remember that top from the movie “The Beginning”?)
Wake up and lie back: after five hours of sleep, wake up, be awake for a while, then go back to bed.This method will help to enter the phase of fast sleep, in which the probability of dreams is highest.
MILD (mnemonic induction of lucid sleep): wake up for five hours, wake up, and consciously program yourself to remember next time that it is a dream. Repeat the phrase: "The next time when I see a dream, I will remember that I sleep."
“Mnemonic induction affects our prospective memory — that is, our ability to remember what should be done in the future. By repeating the phrase that you remember that you are in a dream, you form an intention in the brain to actually do this, which leads to lucid dreaming, ”says one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Denholm Aspi.
If you manage to fall asleep within five minutes after performing mnemonic induction, then the probability of seeing controlled sleep increases to 46%. At least, the volunteers participating in the study received such results.
The results of the work are very promising - the new technique can help get rid of nightmares, as well as provide an opportunity to improve physical skills and abilities due to the repetition in the environment of endless possibilities of lucid sleep.

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