How to learn to play the harmonica?

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How to learn to play the harmonica?

Possession of a game on any musical instrument does not cease to be a useful skill even with the ubiquitous distribution of players and other similar devices. Here, it is not the quality and volume that plays a big role, but the exceptional emotional component of live music. Having chosen the harmonica as a priority tool, it will be possible both to present the well-known modern compositions to friends in a new light, and to get closer to the national culture. At the same time, learning to play the harmonica is no more difficult than in many other “mobile” instruments.

School of Music

There are several ways to learn how to play the harmonica, bayan or accordion. The first is to study at a music school. Here, under the supervision of a professional teacher, it will be possible to master not only the skill of playing music, but also to gain comprehensive knowledge about the features of building a melody and reading notes.

This will greatly facilitate self-selection in the future and will expand the repertoire to infinity. Of course, to study in a music school will need to fulfill the requirements of teachers and spend a lot of time, but the result is worth it.

Yard way

The second method involves learning from a friend who already knows how to play the harmonica. Such a way, like the "yard" learning to play the guitar, makes it possible to quickly learn how to play a limited number of songs without the ability to read notes. This greatly limits both the repertoire and the general musical development, but significantly saves time.


Alternatively, you can try to master the tool yourself using tutorials and video tutorials. This method has the positive qualities of the previous two, but requires great perseverance, desire and some talent.

It is also the best option in cases where a visit to a music educational institution is impossible and there are no friends who are playing the harmonica. Consider it in more detail.

Features self-study

First of all, you will need to purchase or download a harmonica game tutorial. The paper version of the book is more convenient to use, and the electronic version is more accessible. Download the latest one, or.

Most versions of the tutorials initially introduce the student to the basic definitions and basic concepts. In no case should not miss such lessons and proceed directly to the practice. This significantly affects the speed of mastering the tool and the development of skills of the game.

The main pledge of any independent lessons on similar methods is the sequence and full mastery of each lesson. Compliance with these conditions guarantees a quick and effective completion of the course. After him, knowledge is usually enough for free choice and learning of almost any works.

In parallel with learning to play this instrument, you can devote time to mastering his younger brother, harmonica.

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