How to make a cat costume?

Masquerade and any other holiday with changing clothescan remain as a vivid memory in your life. And for the fact that your holiday is a success, you should choose a good suit. It should emphasize your dignity, be original and bring color at the event. So today we will talk how to make a cat costume. To do this you will need different materials.

A brief guide to making a cat costume

  • prepare scissors, cloth, patterns, invite a girlfriend for help;
  • tailoring;
  • sewing;
  • fitting;
  • we prepare accessories
  • sewing decorations;
  • last fitting.

If you have a slender figure, then you must sewa tight-fitting suit or a cat's overalls. This can be done from an ordinary piece of lycra or other tight cloth. You do not have to choose only black! After all, cats are, and white and red and gray ... but your kitty can be brighter, for example red! Pattern can be taken entirely from any fashion magazine, such as Burda. To not buy it you can use the Internet or go to the local library and scan the pattern there. Everything is very simple! Then you just cut out your overalls in a pattern, put it on the contrary and ask someone from home to help you (you need to sweep the seams around the figure). Choose a pattern option when the lock is on your back, so you will even more clearly emphasize your figure.

Then start sewing. It is necessary to understand that if you are not an expert, then maybe you will repeatedly dissolve and re-sew your costume, but nothing will please you in the end. When everyone will look at you in this suit with admiration. Thus, you can sew a cat costume for children. You can also decorate your costume with paint on the fabric. Just put on a suit on yourself, and your friend let him decorate it, highlighting the breast to the cat, marking the feet.

Pryshiv fur

You make your feet shaggy. If the costume is for a child, then you can add a little fur. Try to fulfill your costume as original as possible. Use any fur that is in your house. It can be an old collar or a fringe with unnecessary shoes. Fur can be both artificial and natural, you can use and Christmas tree decorations, if it is appropriate on your holiday. Fur cuts the stationery knife well, just be careful not to get hurt. Then cut the strips of fur sewn in the right order for you, they must form a cylinder, at the edge of which you need to sew gum. Think over your shoes. Perhaps, light moccasins or shoes with heels will do.

Sew accessories for a suit

Tail the tail of a fur, try not to make itshort, because you can be confused with a rabbit. Still it is possible to make a varnish cord (to sew like the belt is sewed). It all depends on how fluffy your costume should be. At the end of your tail, sew something heavy, so that the tail does not cling and was in its place, the more the tail with the weighting will gracefully sway. Ears make their triangles cut from a plastic bottle. Simply glue them with suede. Attach them with invisible objects or attach them to the usual rim under the color of the suit. Attach the tail to the waistband. How to make a female cat costume? It is according to our recommendations that you make just a stunning cat carnival costume. You will attract the looks of men with such an unusual suit. Do not forget about gloves. Special gloves are needed, without fingers.


You can use both everyday make-up, soand the theatrical ending the cat costume for the girl. Everyday is the application of arrows to your eyes, it is possible to use false eyelashes. Lips make up a beautiful bright lipstick, so that your lips stand out neither face. Theater make-up is a special mixture of vaseline oil and oil paints. But the theatrical make-up will last about three hours, and then it is better to remove it with simple dry napkins. Antennae draw with a regular eyeliner or with a pencil for eyes or eyebrows. You can draw an artificial mole above the lip. It will give you a little coquetry. Especially it will be appropriate when sewing a black cat costume.

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