How to make a vase?

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How to make a vase?

A good vase can decorate the interioralmost any room, and if it is made by you, then its value increases at times. Now we will tell you how to make a vase with your own hands and give several ways of making an original vase: desktop and even outdoor.

How to make a vase from a bottle?

For this we need a bottle of any shape, according toyour taste, old beads or beads and inexpensive thin nylon tape or a skein of strong threads. Beads and beads can be completely different both in size and texture - all the same it will be very original and beautiful. After we have collected all the materials, we proceed to work. First we string or tape beads or beads. You can do this in any order, and if you want, you can follow a certain sequence, for example: yellow, blue, white, green or two red, one white, two blue, three violet - in short, the order can be completely anything.

After we strung enough beads,we take one end of a thread or tape and glue it to the bottom of the bottle. When the glue grasps, we begin to wind the thread around the bottle with the obligatory fixation with the same glue. Do not cut the thread until you wrap the entire area of ​​the bottle. As soon as you finish the winding, then if the beads are not enough, add more, if the thread or tape is too long, cut off the extra piece. Now smear the other end with glue and hide it under the beads. By the way, in order to make a similar vase, it is not necessary to use a bottle at all - an old vase and a tall glass are quite suitable: there are many items from which you can make a vase. And most importantly - you will receive, indeed, a unique product, in fact - a work of art.

Another way to make a vase

And now let's try a more complicated version- making a vase, which according to your desire will change its appearance. At first it seems that this is impossible, but nothing is impossible here. As material, take some old vase, which has long since dusted in the closet, on the mezzanine or in the attic. Also we need a fabric that would match the color of the interior of the room - especially to the wallpaper and curtains. Now cut out of this fabric piece of any shape - according to your desire. The main thing is that the fabric covers the surface of your vase. If you want, you can make a small fringe.

We wrap the fabric around the vase, glue ittop and bottom - here you can use not only glue, but also adhesive tape, and begin to decorate. That's where there is a chance to fool around fantasies. Decorate the vase with beads or multi-colored ribbons. For example, you can take several ribbons of one or different colors, or you can sew beads to the fabric. However, in the latter case, it is better to prepare the fabric in a proper way, that is, to identify the places on which to sew beads or beads, and then to put on the fabric with sewn embellishments on the vase. And, of course, no one prevents you from doing anything with the fabric. For example, in winter it is possible to fix snowflakes on it, and in summer - beautiful decorative butterflies or, for example, vegetables with fruits.

How to make a vase floor with your own hands?

And let's imagine one more option, how canmake a vase. Let's try to make an unusual floor vase - square. For this purpose, a strong cardboard box of suitable shape is suitable. First, we cover the box with a previously prepared acrylic primer to ensure good adhesion of subsequent layers. Then we take pieces of old paper, newspapers and other waste paper, crush it and fill it with hot water. As soon as the paper softens, squeeze and add to this mass glue PVA. So we got the papier-mache, which we cover the box. After that comes the turn of paint - first water emulsion, which we will perform as a primer, and then as an aerosol one or more times.

Here you can do things differently: someone is sufficiently monotonous coloring, and someone will want something more original. In this case, take a contrasting dye and apply it to the main color using the so-called wetting or sponging method. You can even try to apply some drawing, or create an abstract (read - a random form). And the last step: once the paint has dried, treat the vase with varnish in order for it to serve you as long as possible. With regard to the manufacture of a circular floor vase, the technology is about the same, only as a basis you need to take no longer a box, but, say, a plastic bucket or a bottle. If some moments are not clear to you, you can find a lot of videos on the Internet how to make a vase with your own hands.

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