How to make a work schedule?

Each company has its own work schedule. It is individual for each enterprise and reflects the characteristic features of its production process. However, there are certain general requirements for scheduling work. Consider how to properly schedule work.

Basic scheduling criteria

The main rule in scheduling work is to be guided by legal norms. In order to correctly draw up a work schedule, you must first take into account the length of the working day in the company. For example, if work is carried out in one shift, then the work schedule in it should be close to an 8-hour working day, taking into account the time for a lunch break of one hour. In addition, one should take into account the specifics of the work of a particular organization, as well as the daily number of visitors and customer service features. All of the above aspects should be analyzed, and the schedule of work drawn up taking into account the requirements of the legal norms that govern this type of activity.Understanding how to schedule work, it should be noted that its preparation can be done in different ways.

Main types of work schedules

Currently, three main work schedules have been developed. In addition, each of them has both its obvious advantages and obvious disadvantages. Which one of them to implement in a commercial company or at work is the prerogative of management.

  • The shift work schedule is recommended to catering enterprises or full-cycle enterprises that have round-the-clock operation. Such a schedule provides for shift workers to work in shifts, which ensures the continuity of the production process.
  • As for the moving schedule, it is more suitable for companies in which employees need to frequently go on business trips, as well as work on weekends. With this schedule, employees have the right to independently decide in which mode and at what time they will work.
  • And, finally, the weekly schedule implies that employees undertake to work a certain number of hours per week.In this case, the schedule for entering the work is individually coordinated with the management.

If you are thinking about how to make a work schedule, then you can seek help from labor specialists. They should be engaged in its preparation. If there is no such specialist in the staff of your company, you can contact the company engaged in the analysis and optimization of enterprises. Their specialist will be able to draw up a schedule for your company that meets all the requirements of the law.

How to arrange a work schedule

The work schedule of specialists of a particular department must be approved by order of the director of the organization. At the same time, the full and abbreviated name of the company should be entered in the “header” of the document, indicate the personal data of the individual, and write the name of the city where the company is located. After the name of the document indicates the number and date of the order. The topic of the order should be the approval of the work schedule of a particular department, therefore the name of the structural unit should be entered. And the reason for the preparation of the document should correspond to the need for production or other circumstances.As for the administrative part, the date of entry into force of the order should be specified in it. At the same time, responsibility for the execution of all points of the document should be placed on the head of service of the company for which the work schedule was drawn up. Verification of the order should be supported by the signature of the general director, as well as the seal of the enterprise. Scheduling work also includes an indication of the position, surname, initials of each employee of a particular department. Then they should be familiarized with the document, after which each employee must sign the order and put the date. Thus, employees will express their agreement with the schedule of work, as well as an order about it. View a sample of the Employee Schedule.

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