How to Make Barbie Doll Makeup

When creating any make-up, certain order must be observed. No exception and makeup dolls, so the instructions for creating an image will be shown step by step.

The basis

The skin of the doll is immaculate and does not have a singleflaws. To get as close as possible to this, you should use a very good tonal basis. If necessary, it can be supplemented with concealer means.

makeup dolls


Creating makeup dolls, eyebrows neededdraw with a pencil. All the available gaps need to be painted over, giving them a beautiful bend. For blondes it is recommended to use a pencil for two shades darker than the hair, for brunettes - two shades lighter. It is necessary to achieve clarity of form.


It's time to apply eye shadow.It is necessary to fully reproduce the makeup of the doll, but this does not mean that the entire face should be "painted" in pink. The recommended shade is pastel-caramel. It is applied to the eyelid near the eyelashes to the fold. It is perfectly permissible to use several shades of color to create a contrast.

This option is possible. For example, choose the color of lavender. The main color is applied to the mobile eyelid, the fold is shaded with a darker shade, and flickering light shadows are superimposed under the eyebrows.

makeup doll how to draw


In the classic version of the makeup dollsimplies the use of a liquid black thread. The line should be very thin at the inner corner and gradually thicken to the outer. From below, the eyes are also emphasized near the place of growth of the eyelashes. Both lines must be connected at the outer corner of the eye.

You can experiment a little and use color eyeliner. If we consider the option given above, then the turquoise color is suitable.

Lining, by and large, you can not use, but in this case, you need to make a lot of eyelashes to emphasize them.


how to make makeup dolls barbieHow to make a Barbie doll makeup without selectingeyelashes? It's just impossible! And they should be long and dense. If nature has not endowed such a wealth to the girl, then it is necessary to use invoices. This is the only way to achieve a "puppet" effect.

Lips and rouge

Many, perhaps, associate the image of the doll withpink lipstick. This condition is not necessary, the color should generally be in harmony with the makeup. If you create an evening image, you can add a little bit of shine. Makeup doll does not imply the use of a pencil to highlight the contour of the lips.

As for the blush, their color also does not need to be pink. However, it is recommended to avoid gold, bronze and brown shades: they visually age.

Instead of concluding

That's doll makeup ready!How to make it, you now know, but there is still something to clarify at last. Like the creation of any other image, the variant under discussion can be corrected in connection with the individual characteristics of the person. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment a little and try different colors, methods of applying shades, etc. So you can find the perfect option.

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