How to make cider at home correctly?

How to make cider at home? This question is of interest to almost everyone who has at least once tried this fragrant drink. Yes, the modern chemical industry is so developed that it is possible to achieve any taste with the help of flavors. But this does not suit us. A drink made by yourself has completely different to make cider at homeIt is especially useful to be able to make this drink if you have a dacha (garden, vegetable garden) and an excess of apples. Therefore, below we will tell you how to make cider at home.

The history of cider goes back to the Middle Ages. This drink was especially popular in Britain and France. However, due to the fact that apples are raw materials inexpensive, cider for a long time in Europe was considered a drink of the lower strata of the population. Indeed, ordinary people cider loved very much. The fact is that properly prepared drink hangover does not cause, it has a pleasant taste and aroma.

So, how to make cider at home? We give a recipe for apple drink, although sometimes there is a variant of pear and quince. Cider is one of the types of apple wine, although it is less sturdy - a maximum of 4-7 degrees.

how to make home ciderAnswering the question about how to make cider inAt home, it should be noted that it is very important to choose the right raw materials. In our case, these are apples. So, contrary to popular belief, green fruits for cider are not suitable at all. It is best to find something in between the underserved and ripe apples. There is something else that needs to be remembered. Before you start working with products, carefully review the apples. Rot should not be categorically. If you miss somewhere a rotten barrel, then the drink will taste very much like a meat broth that has not yet been cooked. Agree, this is not the most refined drink. What to do next? Now apples have to be cut into several pieces and twisted through a meat grinder. Note that here, too, you need to know the measure, because instead of the oil cake you will get an apple puree with juice. The resulting mass can be laid out on the to make apple ciderChoose the capacity as follows: if you have 2 kg of raw materials, then take a container with a volume of 3 liters. Accordingly, for a 8 kg cake a 10-liter container is suitable. Now you can add sugar. Proportion is 1:10, that is, 1 kg of apples should be put 100 grams of sugar (150 if you are a lover of sweet drinks). Here's another plus, if you know how to make a home cider, because you can completely control the taste of the drink, rather than take the cat in a sack in the store. After all done, close the jars of gauze and put in a warm place.

So, the first stage is completed. After a couple of days the drink can be filtered. In this case, the degree of readiness of the cider is determined by the volume in which the cake is separated from the juice. Strain it, you can add sugar again. The proportion remains the same - 1:10, but now we take into account the juice obtained. Having done this, you can close the drink and leave it for 2-3 weeks for fermentation.

Now there are trifles, because you can cider alreadyspill. But the faster you cork the bottles, the more delicious the drink will turn out. Here is the answer to the question of how to make cider at home. If everything was done correctly, then the drink will turn out to be golden, with a characteristic apple flavor, which can not be confused with anything. Now you know how to make apple cider.

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