Every woman wants to be irresistible. And in this a big role is played by makeup. Accents should be placed on the face where they are most needed.
The main thing is to make expressive and piercing look. The eyes are a mirror of the soul, a business card, so to speak. They require special care and attention. You always want to look decent before an important or evening event - going to a cinema, a restaurant, a date or a corporate party. We present a small master class - how to properly paint the eyes.

How to paint eyes?

Stylists claim that the perfect evening eye makeup can be done quickly and with the help of a few simple steps. In practice, it usually takes no more than five minutes.
Natural makeup also takes time and effort.Natural makeup also takes time and effort.
First, it is necessary to prepare the eyes with a corrective pencil or masking (tone) cream. Corrector is almost always irreplaceable when eliminating the effect of dark circles under the eyes and shading of pigment spots.In the area under the eye, it is enough to drop three tiny droplets of the foundation and rub them towards the outer corner from the inner corner, where the skin is dark. It is important that this procedure is gentle, since the skin under the eyes is rather tender. Use the ring finger, because it is considered the softest.
How to paint eyes?
Secondly, apply on the eyelid foundation for the eyes. This is the secret of strength and durability of future shadows. If the base is not applied, then the eyelid will quickly begin to shine, and the shadows themselves will roll into strips. The basis for eye makeup is ready, now you can proceed to the makeup itself.

How to draw arrows on eyes?

The shooters in their eyes love almost all women. Usually eyeliner is used to draw graceful arrows. It is easier and more convenient for her to draw arrows. It is quite saturated and you can match the color of your eyes to the color of your eyes. You can also use a pencil to guide the eyes. You can outline the eye contour with dark shadows. It will not look so bright and is suitable for day makeup.
Types of arrows for the eyesTypes of arrows for the eyes
Try to bring the eyes along the line that is as close as possible to the base of the eyelashes.In this case, lead it from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. If you paint your eyes below, then gently draw a line under the lower eyelashes. Here it is worth her to lead from the middle of the eye to the outer edge. A shade or soften the line can be a cotton swab or finger.
In any case, the first time, not everyone can gently draw eyes with a liner or a pencil. Here the main thing is practice. Over time, you will get better and better, the main thing is not to despair. To help you, you can purchase a thin eye liner, which is present in almost all cosmetic brands, and with its help it will be easier for you to learn how to draw beautiful and even arrows. Then you can experiment with the thickness, length and color of the arrows, and choose the most appropriate style for you.
Arrows in the eyes
The ability to properly use eyeliner is a subtle science. The secret of the pencil is that it can even make small and narrow eyes stand out and visible against the whole face. Here the main thing is to learn how to use it. Lines should not be sharp, deliberate and dark.
If you plan to draw your eyes with a classic pencil (that is, not a liquid one), then check whether it is ideally sharpened. Before you make up the eye, highlight that area with shadows.This is necessary so that the line does not disappear and does not melt in a few hours.
Most often, a pencil is applied to the upper part of the eye. The line is worth leading from the inner edge, and at the root of the eyelashes, to the outer. Make it one sure move. If you, nevertheless, stumbled in the middle, then the line may turn out to be a broken line. False start will have to wash off with a special lotion and proceed to the liner with a pencil again. Here, of course, practice is important. Do not despair, if from the first time did not work out, in a few days you will be able to draw perfectly smooth lines above your eyes.
Arrows can be drawn with a pencil.Arrows can be drawn with a pencil.
If your eyes are not too big and round, then draw a line at the bottom of the eye. But only from the middle to the outer edge. Otherwise, this option will look very strange - the eyes will become even larger. And be sure to blend the line from the pencil with a cotton swab, finger or shadow. In this case, it will not be very catchy.

How beautiful make-up eyes shadows?

Another important step is the application of shadows. Hollywood makeup artists advise to use the so-called three-level shadows, which include the base, marker and base.They allow you to achieve the effect of volume. Shadows correctly applied from the base of the eyelid to the eyebrows. Moreover, uniform neat strokes. Shadows should reach the eyebrows themselves, at least in the area from the middle of the eye to its outer edge. If you want to apply several shades, then first use a lighter one, on the border of the eyelid and eyebrow, and then the darkest one, put it on the eyelid itself.
Eye shadowEye shadow
Next, lighten your eyes with a cosmetic marker or the lightest shade of the shadows. A microscopic stroke above the inner end of the eye will suffice. In this case, the eye flashes instantly and dazzlingly.
Be sure to emphasize the brow line. Apply some light shadows under them, leading from the middle to the outer edge. After that, rub the shadows with your finger or a clean brush.

How to apply shadows?

Pay attention to a few secrets. The first is the correct blending, i.e., the so-called blending tinge. Experts claim that you need to use at least three shades in each make-up - light (basic), dark (a marker for delineating the contour of the eyelashes) and the main (for the century).We start with light, and end with dark. The base tint is applied to the entire surface of the eyelid up to the brow bone, and after that we apply the main color. At the end, accents are marked with a marker. And here the main thing is not to overdo it. Therefore, before the makeup is a little practice in front of a mirror, play with colors and shadows for the only right decision.
Another secret to success is choosing the right shade. Better if you pick up bright and individual colors. Consider that blue shades for blue eyes, and brown for hazel is not forbidden. Today, stylists recommend emphasizing your eye color with the appropriate shade. Antagonists are also popular, that is, blue on brown eyes or gilded on gray. And the important thing: do not be afraid to experiment.
How to apply shadows?How to apply shadows?
Never apply a rich tint to the brow bone. The extra touches add drama to the image. Shades should lie only on the zone of the century. If you want to shade the brow bone, then put there neutral shadows.
Do not be afraid to use glitter shadows. They are good, but emphasize all the wrinkles and folds. If your eyelids are still perfectly smooth, then do not be afraid of sparkles.

How to apply mascara?

The next step is to take the eyelashes. Curl them with special tweezers. In this case, even the longest eyelashes will be much more attractive. It should be noted that it is necessary to twist them before applying mascara.
How to dye eyelashes?
And at the last stage, apply mascara on the eyes. Place the mascara brush at the base of the eyelashes and lead it back and forth with twisting movements. Try to distribute the paint evenly. After dyeing, you can brush the eyelashes with a special brush so that they do not have a lump of mascara left on them.

How to make Smokey Eyes ("Smoky eyes")?

If you want to create a smoky eyes effect, make half the upper line of the eye, from the middle to the outer edge, more fat. And to heighten the effect tint eyelashes pencil sharp strokes.
Smoky eyes for the fateful eveningSmoky eyes for the fateful evening
If you want to achieve a more youthful, so-called “disco” effect, then take not a classic black pencil, but a blue, green or silver one. With such colors, your eyes will sparkle with new colors.
But for the effect of the "woman cat" is to hold a clear line from the inner edge of the eye to the outer,while bending the line up a little at the last stage. That is, the line should not end at the edge of the eye, it should look upward on the outer edge of the eyelid. But on the lower part of the eye do not draw the line along the entire length, but slightly away from the outer edge.
Classic smoky eyes by Elena Krygina
By the way, when creating “smoky eyes” do not use cheap shadows. Painstaking makeup requires good makeup and jewelry approach. And do not smear the colors above the eyelid and further the lines under the lower eyelashes.
All these simple rules, coupled with a lot of effort and attention, in the opinion of the editors of uznayvse.ru, will make your eyes irresistible. And remember, with this makeup you should not rub your eyes and avoid reasons for tears.

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