How to pickle wings?

Oksana Logunova
Oksana Logunova
February 1, 2013
How to pickle wings?

You are not a supporter of vegetarianism and can not imagine your life without meat? You do not understand how you can eat plenty of lettuce and at the same time say that you are completely happy? Do you like baked chicken? Are you teasing the sight of a huge steaming chop? Well, we can acquaint you with a recipe on how to pickle chicken wings so that your fingers will lick. There are several ways to cook the wings: on the grill, on the grill and just in the oven. And the most important thing is that they prepare very quickly. We can offer you several options for making marinade. And you choose what you like best.

Marinating wings

To prepare, take:

  • 2-3 onions,
  • wings,
  • 1 package of ketchup,
  • 1 pack of mayonnaise,
  • honey,
  • pepper,
  • salt,
  • soy sauce
  • tomato paste.

First, the wings should be well washed under running water. Then cut the parts where there is no meat, but only bones. Carefully inspect your wings.Are they well plucked? Are they thoroughly washed? After all, you'll eat them. Before you marinate the wings, you need to cook the marinade.

Onion marinade

First you need to clean the onions, and then cut the onions into rings. Spread the wings over the bottom of the bowl in which you will marinate. Add salt and pepper to taste and squeeze lemon juice. Mix everything well. Leave it for a few hours.

Soy and honey marinade

Initially, melt the honey in the steam bath. It must be liquid. To taste, add a little soy sauce to it. The more honey, the sweeter the wings. Also here you can add pepper. Stir marinade with wings and leave to infuse. Remember that the longer the marinated wings infuse in the marinade, there is better.

Marinade of mayonnaise with ketchup

Simply mix some ketchup with mayonnaise, add seasonings and mix with the wings. Leave it up.

Tomato marinade

Take a thick tomato paste and mix it with water, until the consistency of sour cream. Season with salt and pepper. Insist a few hours.

You can marinate the wings in a bowl, cover it with a lid, or you can put the wings with any of the marinades in a bag or baking sleeve, and leave to marinate for a few hours (do not forget to tie the bag).Marinated wings in a cool place.

Energy value of the wings

Meat in wings not more than 9 grams. In terms of caloric content, one wing will pull by about 237 Kcal along with the skin, without it, this figure is much less - 125 Kcal. Note that the cooking method also affects the calorie content. Fried in butter, they will be richer in calories by 30, and given the breading and sauces, the figure will increase even higher.

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