How to pay utility bills for 10 seconds

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Let's talk about the future. Do you notice how every year something disappears from our life, without which you could not do without? Here you are given a CD, but you do not know where to put it, because in modern computers there are no drives for reading disks. Numerous devices were swallowed up by a smartphone and a tablet, and in a few more years the line between tablets, desktops and laptops would be erased. What else will disappear? Money will disappear.
No, the money will, of course, remain, but very soon cash will be perceived as the CD is perceived today. Where to put them? From cash a lot of problems. They are easy to steal, difficult to store and dangerous to transport, easy to fake, but most importantly, it is long and inconvenient to carry out operations with them.
Do you need to pay a receipt or an online purchase? With cash, you have to go somewhere and spend a lot of time. Do you need to pay in a cafe? We need to wait for the waiter, wait for the change, then look for a little thing for tea.Although today all these operations can be performed with one button in a few seconds.
Today, the post about the future - PayQR.
PayQR is a mobile application for paying for goods, services, utilities and fines in a contactless way. Contactlessness means that in order to make a payment transaction you do not need to use a bank card or cash: the application simply reads the QR code or bar code on the account and will pay for it yourself.

First, of course, you need to download the application to your smartphone. After a small educational program, it will ask you to provide a phone number and attach credit cards. You can also specify your full name, e-mail and even your residential address in case you are going to pay for goods with delivery through the application (all so that you don’t have to enter the same data with each new delivery order).

The beauty of technology is that it saves a lot of time. You do not need to dial your card number on sites and confirm SMS-code operations. You do not give your card to the cashier and do not wait until you are connected to the payment terminal. Instead, in 10 seconds you enter the application, read the code and confirm the operation.
For the same reason, this application is completely safe for your bank account. You will conduct the operations yourself, and no one will get access to your map. Shops will not participate in making a payment, so they will not have your details. Today it is the most reliable technology for making payments. The developers of the application have 5 Skolkovo patents on the issue of payment security from a mobile phone.
At the moment, when PayQR is in the process of active promotion, its developers make a discount of 100 rubles for all payments made through the application and exceeding 300 rubles. So it is also profitable. :)

Using the application, you can pay phone bills, utility bills, road fines, taxes, gas and electricity in a few clicks. But only if these accounts are equipped with QR codes or bar codes. Now about 45% of all receipts in Moscow have such codes, and this number will only grow in the future. Therefore, there is a great chance that you can or will be able to pay them in a contactless way in the near future. The application developers have already established cooperation with the Governments of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Rostelecom, the traffic police,Mosenergosbyt, Gazprom, the Tax Service and many other organizations and structures.
To pay a receipt, you need to open the application and let it count the code. After reading the payment details appear on the screen, your task is to check them and confirm. Then you need to choose a bank card with which payment will be made. And after making the payment you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail.

The developers estimate that the payment of such accounts in the bank takes about an hour. Payment via the Internet bank is about 10 minutes. And payment via PayQR takes only 10-15 seconds, which makes it the fastest way to pay for utilities and fines.

The founders of PayQR are Gleb Markov and Vladimir Gorbunov. This is Vladimir, he recently told RBC about how they managed to attract investment in the crisis, and at the same time shared tips.

And this is Gleb, about him, too, last year there was an article on RBC. There are a lot of details about the PayQR development history and various financial details.

Now, in addition to the development in the field of payment of fines and utilities, the guys are engaged in expanding the network of offline establishments in which it will be possible to make a payment using a QR code: restaurants, shops and even transport.At the moment, there are more than 300 places in Moscow where you can pay with PayQR. In the center, for example, you can test the application in Baskin Robins (Novy Arbat Street, 17), Sabway (Leningradsky Prospect, 74, block 6), Food Can London (Novodmitrovskaya Street, 2, building .1), Wok to Wolk (Novoslobodskaya, d.16) and various other places. If you are too lazy to go, you can experience PayQR at home: for this you need to order food with delivery to Big Fish or Papa John's.

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How to pay utility bills for 10 seconds 94

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