How to play the piano

Pyotr Mikulov, teacher of piano lessons since 1988
In fact, learning to play the piano is not difficult. It is only important to learn the location of the keys and their musical notation. But the quality of the game is often influenced by the performer himself. I advise you not only to learn to play technically. The music still needs to be felt, to know what note to make, to play meaningfully, to give the music an emotional tint.
My colleagues and I once made a list of how to play the piano. And I will share these rules.
1. The chained game interferes with the understanding of music.
2. You can not play on a frustrated instrument.
3. You can not play, like a robot, to think about extraneous things.
4. You can not push the keys too sharply. The sound will be rough and knocking.
5. During the game you can not push the legs.
6. You can not play too fast.

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