How to pump up the buttocks at home. Effective Exercises

The question of how to pump up the buttocks in the homeconditions, probably worried most of the female population. But for men this topic is also relevant, as many girls pay attention to men's priests not less than they themselves on a similar part of the female body.

How to pump up the buttocks at home

But nevertheless it is women who are notedpredisposition to deposition of excess weight in the buttocks. In addition, with age, muscle tone weakens, and metabolic processes in tissues slow down. The skin becomes unattractive, flabby and abscessed. But do not wait until it happens, how to pump up the buttocks at home, it is worth thinking about today.

To correctly, correctly and quickly pump upbuttocks, you first need to understand which function is assigned to this muscle. If you do not go into details, then in the vertical position, she pulls the leg back. And the gluteus muscle stretches when the leg is stretched forward. The size and shape of the buttocks is determined by genetics. Fundamentally affect the latter, we can not. But to reduce their size is quite possible.

Exercises for the buttocks at home

Effective Exercises

Girls before pumping their buttocks inhome conditions and make their shape attractive, you need to remember two exercises. But men will have to attend the gym, as these exercises they need to perform with a lot of weighting - from 50 to 100 kg.

So, the exercises for the buttocks at home - leans forwardwith burdening. The gluteus muscle is quite strong, and in order to change its size, shape or make it elastic, you need a weight exceeding your own. In the early days, girls can do without weighting, but as a rule, the slopes are carried out together with the bar.

The second exercise will be squatting.It is worth noting that they can be different. To perform our exercise you need to crouch, putting your feet to the width of your shoulders. The back should be straight. Weight should be kept either on the sides, or between the legs. Squat should be done leisurely, without sudden movements.

How to pump up the buttocks lessons of the master

How to sweat the buttocks. Master's lessons

  1. Stand in the "lunge stand" position.Fix one leg behind the platform and sit down, bending the knees until a right angle is formed. Note that the knee of the leg in front is at the level of the heel. It is she who has the main load. The back should be flat. Exercise should be done 10-12 times, then change the leg and still do 10-12 repetitions already on it.
  2. Lie on your stomach (on the couch, step, bench), holdingfeet on weight, bending at the same time knees. The feet are connected together. Then spread your knees to the sides and slowly raise your legs, straining the muscles of the buttocks. Do not make sudden movements, lower your legs. Exercise 10-15 times.
  3. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders and sit down on an invisible chair. Such an exercise must be performed until a characteristic burning sensation appears in the gluteal muscles.

Now you have an idea of ​​howpodkachat buttocks at home. If you perform these exercises several times a week, combining them with cosmetic procedures, you will soon see the desired result.

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