How to put music on the site?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
January 31, 2013
How to put music on the site?

If you have your own website, or you only create it and want to improve it by setting the background music on the main page, then we will look at how to do it. Help us in this difficult matter service such as Prostoplayer. Consider how to put music on the site.

Install the program

First we need to download the Prostoplayer application on the PC and run it. Be sure to register with the service and create your own account. Of course, you can not register, but in this case you will not have access to a multimedia library with different background music and sounds.

Now open the search function and enter the name of the desired work. You can enter the name of absolutely any melody, as long as it is in the format of Mp3. This search engine works on the principle of well-known Google, so that it will not get confused.

Then we press the find button, and the service itself issues the required file.The player should now reflect the link to the file. Now we proceed directly to adding music to our site. We need to click on the gear sign and find the “Insert Code” icon, which we need to click on. You will have a window in which the player code will appear along with the song you selected. Now, to place this player on the site, simply copy its code. After that, go to the page of your site, insert it (in Html mode). Now you can start playback and see what happened. Remember that it is not the code that should be displayed, but the player. Now you will have background music on the site.

Thus, adding music to the site is easy. The background music on the site will give it not only uniqueness, but also make it more visited. Viewing the page will be interesting and exciting, and visitors will linger on it as long as possible. You can choose your own music, but the main thing is not to overdo it with the style, since everyone has their own musical taste, and you should not impose your own compositions. Embedding music on the site is a matter of a few minutes, and the pleasure of listening to it will last for many hours.It is best to add a relaxing and relaxing melody that would be pleasant to the visitor, then your resource will be truly interesting and popular throughout the network. Good luck in creating the site!

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