How to remove a girl?

Perhaps our advice on how to properly remove a girl will not be new for someone. Our goal is to explain how to remove a girl for the night without any subsequent obligations. Many young people are often lost in a situation when they want to remove a girl. The article will be purely masculine in nature and is not recommended for reading by girls. If you are a guy, before reading, make sure that the representative of the beautiful half of humanity does not look out from behind your shoulder. Remove all girls, girls and women from the screen! We must not allow information leakage; women must remain ignorant of our insidious methods! Enough warnings and mock horrors. Let's start!

How to shoot a girl in a club beautifully

All the rules, as removed Russian girls, can be reduced to five main points. You can read more about each of them below. How to shoot a girl on the street, we will not tell, let's bring into our life a little more moral!

Our first rule is quality bluff. Yes, exactly pont will help you to remove the girl in the shortest possible time! When you go hunting, do not save on your appearance - dress as fashionably as you can.Dear genuine leather boots, a shirt and pants from a famous fashion designer, a D & G jacket - all this will create a serious portrait.

The second rule we assign our transport. Remove the girl, arriving at the club on a bicycle, it seems unlikely. You must instill confidence in your victim that he is a serious person, very wealthy and stylish. In the end, you need to transport the girl to the place of your future contact on something!

But no car. And what, now the girl can not be removed? Connect your friends, for sure someone of them has a decent car and the ability to enter the position. If friends can not help you find a car for the night, you will have to break a little comedy. A taxi and a little artistry will save you - they say, I don’t go to the club in a wheelbarrow, I'm afraid some evil people will spoil my Bentley (feel?) Out of envy while I'm at the club.

The third rule of high-quality removal of the girl - accessories. The little things that make up the image. For example, expensive lighter and cigarettes. No interest. Sit at the bar, so lost and not interested in anything.I drove into the club by chance, having nothing to do or better — take a break, completely tortured the business.

After, to remove the girl in the club, you need to start paying attention to the lady you are interested in. Not much, but so that she noticed. Methodically shoot her with a look, evaluate, control - in the head, in the eyes of the victim. It is your 50%.

Men are often driven by not knowing how to talk to a girl. Be modern, she will talk to you! If not, then not the first and not the last. There are a lot of girls around - just shoot at others. Remember, girls also have a competition, most likely, your potential victim uses his, possibly the last chance in a night.

The fourth rule. To remove a girl, you need an interesting conversation. But in an interesting conversation with a girl, the main thing is not the meaning, but your facial expression. Show your interest in everything she says to you, try to support her themes.

Start unobtrusively, but cleverly advertise yourself good. Like, the first (feel again?) Higher education I received a long time ago ... blah blah blah. Interesting stories from student life, a couple of tales for the seed and ... pause.You shut up sharply, stopping the narration of your life. According to statistics, 146% of girls at this moment will be able to ask only one thing - what are you doing now? Who do you work, mr? Do not lose your face and do not stagnate, explaining who the middle-level system administrator is. A little bit of artificial mystery and condescension: “Oh, yes. Any nonsense ... ". And - smile, earn smile arrangement. You almost took a girl!

The finishing touch is the removal of the girl. The fifth point, like the top of the crime, we will assign a tip. It's great if you have pockets full of crisp bills. And what if you rent a girl for 20 bucks? Easily. Of course, you can’t sit in a bar especially for such “money”, but our goal is to remove the girl, and not get drunk before stomach cramps. Leave 10 dollars for tea. With the most dismissive expression on his face, which only you can play, as if this money is contrary to you with its insignificance.

At this point, you must complete our transaction with naivety. Turn to the girl, look from the sly in your eyes and offer her unobtrusively, they say, would you like to miss, do you appreciate my aquarium fish? Naturally, yes! What else is left to do at three in the morning to two adult, unfamiliar people!

Perhaps you will not be able to remove the girl the first time. But who said that this life is over? Do not descend to thinking how to shoot a girl on the Internet, how to make it easier for yourself to eat something. Just practice more, each trip to a nightclub will give you a lot of chances to shoot a girl with high quality. The main thing is the result, and we need it no more than 1 time per night. So even if your method, how to shoot a girl in a club, works with a probability of 5%, who's stopping to process 20 girls? Learn to only filter dynamo machines and clinical virgins, otherwise you will have to stock up on more than two dozen bucks for pretentious shots on the rack.

So, now you know how to quickly remove a girl. Dare, hone your skills and do not forget to tell us about your exploits in the comments to the article!

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