How to remove glasses?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
May 7, 2015
How to remove glasses?

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How to remove glasses?

Points now - a fashion accessory, but poor vision is unlikely to ever be in a trend - each of us wants to see the world around us as clearly as possible.

But what to do to remove points once and for all? And is it even possible to “cure” an already lost sight? Let's figure it out.

Surgical methods

How to permanently remove points? Of course, the surest way to improve vision is surgery. Everyone has probably heard about laser vision correction today. Although few people paid attention to the word "correction" - this means that the vision is not restored, but only corrected using special mechanisms. Yes, after laser correction, the patient sees much better and can do without glasses, however, there is a high probability of repeated deterioration, especially if the person suffers from a high degree of myopia.

Today they are also doing another operation - laser keratomileusis, which, however, is also not always 100% effective.

Conservative methods

Despite the fact that the operation does not guarantee 100% success, if you, as they say, have launched your eyes, only you will most likely help you. However, for those whose vision has only begun to deteriorate, conservative methods may also be effective.

First of all, doctors recommend special gymnastics. There are a lot of different sets of exercises, while each is more or less suitable for a particular situation, and therefore only the personal doctor can assign the optimal set of exercises. However, if there is no time to reach the doctor, start using at least some method, for example,.

In addition to gymnastics, vitamin complexes are usually recommended. Again, it is better that they are discharged by a doctor, but you can consult a pharmacist at the pharmacy. It is important to know! The complex of vitamins every couple of months must be changed.

Also, those who are trying to improve their vision, usually recommend a special diet, it should be a lot of fish, liver, dairy products, carrots and parsley - can be used as juice.

As you can see, all the methods are quite simple, but their main condition is regularity, and it is very difficult to follow it in a crazy modern rhythm of life.

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