How to rent a house?

It is always pleasant to go out into the countryside, to charge itreviving energy, to relieve the burden of urban anxiety and problems. For this, it is not at all necessary to build a dacha or a country cottage, you can simply, knowing how to rent a house, rent a house and enjoy the beauty of new horizons, inhaling clean, completely different from urban air.

What house can I rent?

If you need to rent a cottage onday, remember that this category of houses is designed primarily to ensure that the guest, when visiting there, felt as at ease, as in his own city. Settle in this case, you can, as in a small house, designed for 3-4 residents, and in a large complex of several cottages equipped with a swimming pool and a wide, spacious attic.

Now, the policy of companies working in the field ofrent of private houses, cottages, began to change for the better. Now, the cost of cottages and dachas has become more accessible, and the range of their choice has reached almost unlimited latitude. Modern urban residents can without unnecessary problems and significant costs, rent a house inexpensively, or a small-sized comfortable cottage for a relaxing holiday with the family. To rent a cottage or a cottage can be both for a day and for a long period, for example, for the celebration of the New Year or summer holiday.

How to rent a house for a day

In order for the rest to pass without unpleasant surprises, when renting a private house, you need to know several important rules:

  • before renting a cottage for rent, it is better to agree in advance with the owner of the time of arrival, so you will have the opportunity to immediately get the keys;
  • specify the exact number of people living, since it should not exceed the level for which the cottage is designed;
  • To find out whether there is a possibility of living in a removable pet house;
  • and most importantly, having learned how to rent a private house, it must be maintained in the condition in which it was provided to you in the course (this guarantees you the favor of the owners).

Annually interest in renting cottages increases. The main thing is to properly rent a house, stipulating in advance all the nuances and subtleties, so that in the future only to enjoy the rest and nothing to worry about.

How to rent a house for the New Year

New Year's rent differs from other types of renting cottages, private houses in that it necessarily includes a pre-order, prepayment and deposit.

  • The need for a preliminary order. Tenants in the New Year's issue are very prudent and conclude deals already in the summer or at the beginning of the autumn season. Two months before the celebration, in principle, you can also rent a cottage, although the choice will be small.
  • Prepayment is a consequence of the preliminary reservation process. This moment is the main nuance of overseas leases and this should be prepared.
  • The mortgage in renting a villa is, in fact, aguarantee of compensation for losses to the lessor. The amount of the deposit is agreed in advance, but is paid on the day of settlement. You can pay as cash after inspecting the property, and by cashless settlement (writing off money from the bank card of the lessee is also on the day of settlement).

How to rent a house for the summer

In order to successfully choose a summer residence, you needtake care of the lease in early spring. And starting to deal with this issue in February, the tenant will have the opportunity to choose from more proposals, and even more so for a fairly fair price. Among the summer collection of cottages, two types are popular: a private house in the village (or garden partnership), or a cottage in the village.

The house is in the village. Rent in this case is for the middle class the most optimal in the ratio of "quality - price". The cost of rent in this case is based on such factors:

  • distance from a large city (the further, the more expensive);
  • location (whether there is a nearby pond, forest, etc.);
  • building category (renting a private house without heating and communications is cheaper, and the presence of the above factors raises the price almost twice);
  • the area of ​​the land plot (the higher it is, the better and more expensive, and the fruit-and-berry planting is a plus in this category);
  • infrastructure (playgrounds, shops, etc.);
  • term of lease (the more it is, the usually less monthly payment, the term of delivery of the house varies from 1 to 5 months);
  • season (the highest prices, of course, fall on the summer).

Usually, dachas andprivate houses in old summer-resort settlements, as infrastructure has already developed there. Plus, the budget option is actually, its availability and the opportunity to improve health for a year ahead. Minus - you can experience discomfort because of the difference in mentality. The villagers are very different from urban people.

The cottage is located in an organized village. The price of this type of lease, in fact, is composed of the same factors that were listed earlier, but to rent a cottage or a country house can not afford to everyone. Feature: these cottages are rented for at least five months. The summer period is the period from May to September.

If you rent a house for the summer, be sure todraw up a corresponding contract and properly arrange a deposit. Remember, the size of the pledge amount is stipulated in advance and it is transferred to the owner of the real estate either on receipt (stipulating the term of the contract conclusion) or under the contract. If the owner of the housing took a pledge, then at the time of signing the contract, in the case of prepayment, this amount is refunded. Know if the tenant refused the chosen house, then the lien amount is not refundable. The size of the prepayment, as a rule, is equal to the amount of rent for two months (the cost of the first and last month of residence is calculated).

Enjoy your time and leisure!

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