How to repay a loan?

Small wages and high prices simply force us to get into debt and take loans. Yes, it seems quite simple from the outside, you took out a loan, bought a thing and now for some time you pay the bank a sort of small amount of money. Everything is good and convenient as long as you constantly receive a salary. But in life there are different situations. Yes, there is no need to go far beyond the example, 2008, bang, and the crisis, half of the people without work and the means to coexistence. What kind of loan can we talk about if there is no money even for bread? But few people care about your situation - you give the main credit in time and live as you wish. I think that many have encountered similar situations.

How is the loan repaid?

When we take a loan from a bank, we undertake that every month up to a certain number we will deposit the necessary amount to the required account. The money must be paid on time, otherwise penalties and fines will be charged that will increase the amount of the debt, and the credit history will be impaired by you, which is also very bad, you don’t definitely turn to this bank.

Everyone's life is different, and the situation in it can happen completely unpredictable. You were fired, your salary was delayed, you had an accident, you were robbed, examples can be given endlessly. In the end, all this leads to the fact that you have nothing to pay and you face a big question - how to pay the loan?

We are looking for a way out of difficult situations.

There are several ways you can resort. The main thing, in no case can not panic and despair. Remember, he who seeks will always find. First, we calm down and start thinking about where you can get money and how to pay off a loan. A good option could be a direct appeal to your employer. You can come up and explain in a human way the situation that you have a loan and you need to pay a fee until a certain number, so you ask for an advance, financial assistance, a loan. Remember that the chefs are people too, and they can come into your position and help you.

How to pay a loan if you lost your job

  1. If the situation is that you have lost your job, then you need to act in a completely different way. If you do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to pay a loan, then contact the bank directly and explain the situation.Be sure to take a work record with you to confirm temporary unemployment.
  2. There are situations when banks suspend the accrual of interest for a certain period, recalculate the loan, postpone the payment time for the application you have written. Remember that direct contact, a conversation can help the case, the main thing is to make the bank understand that you intend to pay the debts, but the circumstances have somewhat unsettled you. In a situation if you are denied, bother to take in this bank a refusal receipt, from which you can go to court, where a penalty can be declared invalid.

It is clear that these actions will not save you from thinking about how to repay a loan, but still can delay its maturity. If neither the bank nor the employer helped you, then think maybe it’s worth asking for help from friends, relatives, because the world is not without good people, maybe someone can help. Explain that you will repay the debt as soon as your financial situation improves. Do not lie and say that you take a couple of days. It is better to tell frankly that there is no money and you will not be able to return it soon.

If there is no help waiting

In a situation where there is absolutely no one to help you, you can use the following method - you apply to another bank and take another loan, at a different interest (maybe even less), thanks to which you repay the old loan in full and now you owe another bank, but the truth is You will pay it from the next month. During this time, you will need to find a new job or find a side job, thanks to which you will have extra money. Of course, this is not the best way out of this situation.

The most emergency ways

True cases are different and sometimes it seems that there is absolutely no way out. Yes, it also happens that everyone turns away from you, there are no relatives with money, they have fired a new job, they don't give a new loan, what to do then, how to get a loan back? In such a situation, it is best to find money by selling something from what you have, for example, people sell cars, change apartments for less (with a surcharge), sell or mortgage gold, jewelry, equipment. Yes, this is a difficult decision, but at least you can repay and will not save it. Remember that with each month this debt will only increase and if you have a critical situation now, then where will you take the money another time, when you need it already in two,maybe three times more? After all, if you then have the money, you will be able to redeem the mortgaged, buy a new car, and having accumulated large debts, you will only be able to work them out.

We try to insure in advance

When a person decides on a loan, he must foresee such situations in advance and outline a plan to solve these problems. Of course, thinking bad is bad, but you still need to think about how to get rid of the loan you want to get into. I would like to give some advice. If you have a loan, then try to make the necessary amount of a predetermined period. Then you do not have to hurry on the last day to look for money. It would be nice if you pay a month in advance, for example, you have money in the account to pay the loan, but you pay more, then you will have payment for the next month (as a reserve reserve), this will give you an opportunity to come up with something in critical situations. If possible, try to make a large amount of payment, for example, not 2, but 2.5 or 3 thousand, then you will accumulate some amount of money in your account. If there is a possibility of early repayment, close the loan earlier in order to get rid of it faster and live peacefully.

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