How to save in McDonalds

A little likes. Yesterday I meet in McDonalds with a friend who went there to warm up and have a snack at the same time. In his hands is a double cheeseburger. He greets me with a complaint that the cheeseburger is not the same anymore - thinner and thinner. To which I give him and you all one good advice how to save at McDonalds.

What is a double cheeseburger? This is a bun with two chops and two slices of cheese against one chop and one cheese in a regular cheeseburger. That is, if you take two ordinary cheeseburgers, it will be the same as a double cheeseburger + bun, sauces and so on. It is logical that this option - two sandwiches - should cost more than one. But with the math in the catering is something wrong. Two sandwiches are about the same, or rather cheaper than one. For example, a double cheeseburger costs 111 rubles, while ordinary cheeseburgers cost 54 to 108 in total.
I want a double cheeseburger - taketwocheeseburger and shift the cheese patty from one to the other. A bun with the rest of the content can be used for something else.You can do without the second cheese, then take a hamburger and perform a surgery operation - saving more. This principle works with almost all sandwiches. Of the two simpler ones, it is easy to assemble a more complex and much more expensive sandwich, while saving a couple of rubles. You can improvise - make a double cheeseburger on ciabatta or with bacon.

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