How to sew shorts?

Beautiful shorts are a great alternative to a skirt for slim female legs both in summer and during the cooler seasons. If you want to wear a lot of different shorts, but don’t want to spend money, you can sew shorts yourself. We will talk about how to sew shorts in different ways.

Denim shorts

Jeans from the time of Livaya Stross became popular, comfortable and all your favorite clothes. You can buy denim in a fabric store and tailor yourself completely new shorts, or you can just take a pair of old, bored jeans and in a few minutes turn them into comfortable and beautiful shorts.

How to sew jeans shorts? Yes, very simple!

The first way is to try on jeans, determine the desired length and simply cut off the legs. Go fringe, which can be further fluff, you can also add holes to the shorts. That's it - even no need to sew! Great punk shorts are ready!

The second option for more conservative young ladies is also to try on jeans, determine the desired length and cut off exactly 2 cm from each leg approximately 2 cm below the length of future shorts.Then you need to double-fold these 2 cm. So that the fabric does not “crumble”, and gently sew on a typewriter or a secret stitch manually. Hem can make both inward and outward. In the second case, it will be more original. You can also decorate your shorts with different rhinestones, sequins, embroidery and other things.

How to sew shorts with their own hands

Shorts can be stitched from start to finish completely independently. For this you need a base pattern for women's trousers. In order not to suffer from its manufacture, you can download the finished one on the Internet.

With the help of special schemes, you will understand how the pattern is made. Find her and explanations for it is not difficult. This pattern includes the following details:

  1. Front half shorts - 2 parts;
  2. The back half of the short - 2 parts;
  3. Belt - equal to the length of the waist + 3 cm on the buckle. You may have to make a few belt details;
  4. If pockets are planned, then patterns are needed for them.

This is the main pattern for shorts. How exactly to cut depends on which model you choose, so look for patterns according to the specific model you want. So, having made a pattern, sew the parts together according to the specific instruction that is offered for the pattern, and the shorts are ready!

Easier to sew shorts on the drawstring.To do this, take four identical rectangles of fabric, cut out a detail from them that will fit half the shorts in front or behind, with a slit between the legs. Then you need to sew these parts together, sew shorts on the sides and process the bottom edges of the shorts. The top edge, which now goes the entire width of the shorts, also needs to be processed, but taking into account the fact that the drawstring will pass through it. After processing, make two small holes and use a pin to slide the drawstring inside the belt along the length of the belt. The result should be shorts, which are attached to the waist with the help of tying the drawstring.

How to sew a skirt-shorts

Skirt-shorts is a hybrid of two beautiful women's clothes. The pattern of the skirt-shorts is made on the basis of the pattern of the skirt-pants. To get a skirt-shorts, build your skirt-trousers pattern and divide the front and back parts of the pattern into three equal parts. Then separate the upper part (separate front and back) with a clear, even vertical line. If there is a tuck, you need to raise it up to this line. Then, along the vertical lines made, you need to make cuts from the bottom up and move them to the desired width (about 3-4 cm).After that, you need to shorten the pattern to the length of the skirt that is needed, and you can begin to stitch the details. This is how the skirt-shorts are done.

What shorts to sew - you decide. In one short article, of course, you cannot tell everything. Therefore, if you need detailed descriptions of the patterns and stitching of different parts of the shorts, you can find them almost immediately. Perhaps the process of sewing shorts you like so much that you can no longer be stopped, and then you will begin to sew already pants and skirts and dresses!

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