How to sharpen a knife: practical recommendations

Even the highest quality blades will inevitably become blunt with time. Therefore, every man, if he wants to be considered in the house as the real owner, should know how to sharpen a knife. In fact, it is not for women to do this, and indeed there is nothing difficult in this. Of course, you can give the knife and other cutting tools for sharpening, but it is best to do it to sharpen knives

Before you sharpen a knife

Before starting the process, be sure to check the type and model of the device. There are four types of knives, which need no self-sharpening:

  1. Devices made of steel softer brand 45 HRC or harder than 60 HRC. The first ones are pointless to sharpen, since their points quickly collapse, and the second ones are easily ground, but easily dull.
  2. You did not have to wrestle with how to sharpen a knife, if there are teeth on its blade? And rightly so, because if you try to do this, then in the end the jagged edge will simply be destroyed.
  3. Ceramic knives.There are no problems with their sharpening, but there is another difficulty with them - increased brittleness. Here you can’t do without a special diamond tool, so in this case it would be better to contact the workshop.
  4. Self-sharpening knives. No, this is not a myth - such really exist. The blades of these models are covered with a special layer of very hard metal. Sharpening the knife yourself can easily damage the finish.

If your kitchen or household appliance is not included in this list, then you can not be afraid for the result - in order to spoil the blade, you will need to try very to sharpen a knife

How to sharpen a knife: the choice of method and tools

First of all, you should get quality materials for sharpening. You should not chase a low price, because the higher the cost of the tool, the more likely it is to perform high-quality sharpening and adjustment. To maintain the sharpness of the blades, you can purchase the following:

  1. Mechanical or electric sharpener. They allow you not to think about how to sharpen knives correctly, as almost everyone does it themselves. The only difference between electric sharpeners is that they are still somewhat better (“smarter”) than mechanical analogs.In addition, such a tool is useful not only for sharpening knives, but also for giving sharpness to scissors, screwdrivers or knives for a meat grinder. Electric sharpener allows not only to sharpen and grind, but also to carry out adjustment of cutting devices.
  2. Musat Out of ignorance, it is sometimes called a round file. It is a ceramic or steel rod and is designed for straightening (leveling) or insisting (cleaning the blade from plaque), but not at all for sharpening.
  3. It is a bar (grinding stone) used for sharpening and grinding cutting edges. However, they are different and differ in shape and grain, in other words - the number of grains per cubic millimeter. It is best to buy two bars, one of which will serve directly for sharpening, and the second - for subsequent grinding of the blade.knife sharpening

How to sharpen a knife: practical recommendations

The surface of the blade rests on the grindstone almost "flat." According to experts, the ideal angle of inclination is 20 degrees. After that, you need to drive a knife on a throw with smooth movements, five times on each side of the blade. Then you need to check the sharpness.If small stripes appear on the metal along the edge, take a less grainy bar and continue sharpening.

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