How to start a new life

How to start a new life

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Each of us at least once said to himself: “Everything! Resolved! Starting a new life! ”From the new year, from Monday, after the holidays. In fact, only 10% of the plans were realized at best.

The decision to start a new life is dictated by an ardent desire to change something drastically, to do it in a new way, not like before. The current state of affairs is no longer satisfactory, which means that large-scale changes are needed. Such an approach, on the one hand, pushes us to the role of an active participant in our life, the role of lead, and on the other hand, often leads to non-fulfillment of our plans and stop halfway. Why?

The fact is that starting a new life in general is a global concept that cannot serve as a motivator due to its uncertainty. What does “new life” mean? What time do I set myself? What do I want to get in the end? What resources do I need? Do I really want what I want? Specifying and dividing the global goal into small steps makes the goal achievable.

Therefore, it is better to focus your attention not on general changes in life in general or setting too vague goals, but on how you want to change your life “in such and such aspect”.
You may have one or many such aspects, but they will be specific and understandable, which will be more effective in achieving them.

If you want to change something in your life, improve its quality or some of its separate areas, the following steps will help you.

Set a specific goal

You can often hear the phrase: “I want to change my life!” To the question: “What exactly do you want?”, The person answers that he does not know. This is the path to nowhere. This means that the life of this person will not change. Not because the goal is bad, but because the goal, in fact, is not. The goal is what you can touch, measure, smell, feel.

Therefore, if you are committed to change, it is worthwhile to set a specific goal, a time frame for its achievement and the necessary resources.
The important point - the achievement of the goal should be completely dependent on you.arm-1284248_1920For example, you want to lose weight by 5 kg. At the cost of hard workouts and diets, you can easily achieve this in 2 months. But if you want to lose weight in 2 months at 20 kg, then the factors that do not depend on you, come to the fore and will not let you achieve this goal (your physiology, metabolism, concomitant diseases, etc.)
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Break the goal into small but concrete steps.

To get what you want, you need to make efforts every day, do something to achieve your plans.
It is not enough to want to learn how to dance. You need to enroll in a dance school, train several times a week or every day. And only after a while you can learn to dance.ballet-shoes-999807_1920
Thus, make an algorithm to achieve the desired. This is your daily effort plan that will bring you closer to your goal.
Come up with a reward for every step you take, this will give confidence and make the path joyful.

Start small

Sometimes, it takes time and effort of will to assemble and decide on changes in life. To make it easier, start small. Start with changes in those areas of your life that you, in principle, were not going to change. For example, change the hairstyle, do a general cleaning in the apartment, get a dog.

Such changes can be a good start for more global and important changes, as they teach us to get used to the new.
You will become more open to change and what you want to achieve will be given to you easier and

Find like-minded people

Everyone knows that a society with similar goals and desires has a very beneficial effect on our own achievements. The support of others is very important. Some are lucky with relatives, with friends. If among your friends there are no people with similar goals, there are many options to plunge into this environment.

For example, communities on social networks, forums on the Internet, clubs for interests, biographies of people who have achieved what you want and so on.

Inspire people and eat the energy of people like you, it really helps to plunge into the atmosphere when you have what you want.
And as you know, the thought is material and our desires tend to come true.
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Do not lose heart after failure

Regardless of how you want to change your life, you will face difficulties and losses. This is life, and you cannot get away from problems.

But if you want to succeed in change, you should be persistent and not “pass” before failures.
Even if something went wrong, as you planned, stop and give yourself time to think about what happened. Why did this happen and what conclusion can I make for the future? Take a rest and start walking towards the goal again.Only perseverance, patience and optimism will lead you to achieve the goal.


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