How to stew a chicken?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
January 22, 2013
How to stew a chicken?

When the next holiday comes up, every housewife thinks about how to surprise her household! White meat is very tasty, but what to cook from it, so that it is really tasty! How to stew a chicken?

There are lots of interesting recipes for cooking chicken meat. There are very old recipes, there are quite modern, with the addition of new ingredients. You can put potatoes in chicken stew, you can mushrooms. You can stew chicken in spicy herbs, you can only with the addition of olive oil and salt. Whatever you desire, the recipe always needs to be oriented towards the tastes of your family.

How to simmer potatoes with chicken

For the preparation of delicious chicken we need

  • domestic chicken floor,
  • potatoes,
  • Bulgarian red pepper,
  • tomato paste,
  • olive oil,
  • tomatoes,
  • medium bulb,
  • honey agaric
  • green marjoram.

The way to cook this delicious chicken.

The most important thing is to prepare all the ingredients separately so that the tastes do not interrupt each other.

Stew the divided chicken separately on low heat in olive oil, adding a little water. Close the potatoes. The chicken should turn out juicy.

Peel the potatoes, simmer in a separate skillet. Also separately overcook the onions, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper agaric, tomato paste, add salt and sugar to taste.

Next, take a large frying pan or roaster and shift all the ingredients together, mix. We bake in the oven no longer than 10-15 minutes, watching that the chicken does not dry out, if desired, add water or broth. Before serving, sprinkle with greens marjoram.

How to stew a chicken

Each housewife chooses the degree of readiness of the chicken. And it is also very important to consider what kind of chicken you have: home, farm, imported ...

Modern chicken chicken or chicken, stew need not more than 40 minutes, otherwise it will become too soft.

If the chicken is home or farm, that is, had free range and not a broiler, then such a chicken should be much longer to live in your pan before serving (from one and a half to two hours).

Potted Chicken

We will need:

  • one domestic chicken,
  • one big carrot,
  • one white onion,
  • cranberries, two tablespoons,
  • two tablespoons of homemade sour cream,
  • green pea,
  • bouillon
  • flour,
  • buckwheat
  • the eggs


  • Chop the chicken into pieces, fold into pots, cut the carrots into half rings, add to the chicken. We add broth. We put in the oven. Stew forty minutes. Next, we look, if necessary, add more broth, put overcooked onions, some cranberries and green peas. Simmer another half hour. Salt to taste.
  • Separately prepare the "ears".
  • From the eggs, flour and water we knead the dough, roll it out thinly, the mode in the form of rhombuses, size eight by five centimeters. The edges of the resulting dough grease the egg, put the stuffing (cooked buckwheat) and connect the edges. Bake in the oven, our "ears" until fully cooked.

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